Resisted Ball Handling Drill | Basketball Conditioning

Resisted Ball Handling Drill | Basketball Conditioning

21st Jan 2019

Resisted Ball Handling Drill | Basketball Conditioning

Ball handling is essential in the game of basketball. Without complete control over movements basketball players will find it challenging to compete at their best. During the Resisted Ball Handling Drill we will incorporate the Reactive Stretch Cord. By moving through resisted and assisted sprint-outs we will optimize body control while developing ball control. Work through the video below and spend time understanding the technique utilized to optimize your results. Each rep needs to be completed with focus and intensity. Be sure that you utilize fundamental ball handling techniques throughout the course of the drill. 

Ball Handling Basketball Conditioning

After you have the Reactive Stretch Cord strapped on and ready to go, it's now time to begin the conditioning drill. During the video you will notice an agility cone placed 20 feet out from the anchor. This is important. We must have our boundary set up for the Reactive Stretch Cord distance. The maximal length the Reactive Stretch Cord is 20 feet. By setting up a cone at this distance we will ensure that athletes will never move beyond the reach of the Reactive Stretch Cord. By adding resistance and assistance to each sprint-out, basketball players will challenge their conditioning while developing the body control needed to compete at their best.

Basketball Ball Handling Sequence

Now that we have the Reactive Stretch Cord set up and ready to go, it's now time to work through our ball handling sequences. Each sprint-out can be coupled with a different ball handling move. Utilize the crossover at the farthest cone as well as the crossover on the shortest cone. You can also use a between the leg move or behind the back. The ball handling sequences are endless. The key here is body positioning and control moving through the resistance and assistance. Be conscious of chest position as well as head positioning. Always look up and defend the ball from a defender. Push the pace, but stay under control as you move through each of the ball handling positions.

The assisted backpedal can be tricky. It's important that you maintain a low forward tilt to your chest. By staying tall you will find yourself tumbling backwards. Stay low, stay under control, and keep your body centered.  

Reactive Stretch Cord Training

Basketball Conditioning Active Time

You will complete continuous reps for an 18 to 24 second time frame. These times can be adjusted depending on the basketball players conditioning levels. Longer durations can be used for more advanced athletes, while shorter time durations can be used for youth basketball players. The main focus must be on control, ball handling and sprint speed. 

Resisted Ball Handling Sprint Drill

You will notice dramatic gains in your body control when completing this drill. By combining resisted sprint-outs with assisted back pedals, you will work through each of the extremes. With total body control and explosive ball handling you will be able to compete at your best on the court. Grab your Reactive Stretch Cord today and start training with our advanced level drills. Check out our Reactive Stretch Cord training program in the My Plan section here on our training website.

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