October 26th Videos

October 26th Videos

Published by Trevor Theismann on 26th Oct 2022

The speed skater exercise is great for building power and agility. Complete two formats. First, focus on balance and stability with a catch at each side. Second, move into speed. Try to get back and forth as fast as you can.

Get Rid Of Elbow Pain

Use this one stretch to get rid of your elbow pain.

Gym Fail Reaction

Check your equipment before your train. So painful!

Circular Speed Drill

Start by creating two circles with cones. You'll place them pretty close together because you're going to be mimicking a CRAZY 8 like motion. With the reactive stretch cord apply resistance to the athlete at different directions. It feels rather odd for the athlete to move in these directions as they're being pulled off their center of gravity. Next you will want to position yourself for the Sprint out. As soon as they come around the last turn, pull them towards you and then throw the cord out to the side. They'll continue to Sprint about 10 to 15 yards past the anchor.

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