Best Equipment To Include In Your Home Gym

Best Equipment To Include In Your Home Gym

Published by Trevor Theismann on 31st Aug 2022

Episode 2005 - building a home gym can be challenging. There are so many options on what you should buy, but in this four part series I will break down what is required to have an amazing workout in your home gym. In this video I explain how important a squat rack with a pulley system is to building a great home gym. It will be the centerpiece to most of your workouts and is essential to variety.

Episode 2006 - of course you need resistance bands in your home gym. The question is, what type? Should you buy clips, sleeves, or resistance bands with handles? I have found that stackable bands can be a great asset to your home gym. It offers tremendous amount of resistance for cross cable types of exercises. Space is limited at home. Resistance bands allow you to complete a variety of different exercises without buying huge equipment for your home.

Episode 2007 - there are many types of adjustable dumbbells. I have used many of them. My suggestion would be to go out and get you a set of Power Blocks. There are no complicated mechanisms that will break. These adjustable dumbbells have a simple pin mechanism. As long as the pin is not broke, they will work properly. Adjustable dumbbells give you a tremendous variety to your workouts at home. You will not need kettlebells or plates if you do not want them.

Episode 2008 - the last edition you should make to your home gym is by adding suspension straps like the KB Duo. It is an inexpensive item to add to your gym and can be used in multiple different ways. The way that I utilize the KB duo is different than most people use suspension straps. Of course you can do rows in different exercises pulling your body weight. However, they can be used to help balance and assist during bodyweight movements better than anything else you will use.

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