3 Exercises That Will Make You Faster

3 Exercises That Will Make You Faster

Published by Trevor Theismann on 12th Oct 2022

These three exercises are a great combination. The first exercise is a lateral high knee. Maintain proper form and listen in the video as I describe specific techniques you should achieve. The assisted broad jumps is the second exercise. This can be a very effective drill to develop explosiveness and power off the ground. Last, we have the victory ropes drag sprints. Complete five sets of each exercise to complete your training.

Bonus Drill Of The Week

Overspeed 40's - This is a great exercise to help with stride frequency. By adding an acceleration element to the drill with a partner you will feel that it is much easier to move through the dig phase. Maintain your form and try hard to physically move your body faster with the assistance. If your partner pulls you too much, it will cause you to over stride.

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