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Basketball Modified Box Drill

Athletes who are young or new to a sport should begin with easy and basic drills. Youth basketball drills for beginners should include changes in direction, speed, and incorporate sports specific movements.

Combining resistance equipment such as the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands and the Reactive Stretch Cord with youth basketball drills will challenge and develop the athletes balance and body control, two important skills for kids playing basketball.



Kids Playing Basketball

The Basketball Modified Box Drill is one of many great youth basketball drills for beginners. This drill helps kids playing basketball by forcing them to move in different directions while using Kbands Leg Resistance Bands. The use of Kbands Leg Resistance Bands during the Basketball Modified Box Drill will help athletes increase the strength and speed in their legs and hips. This will create smoother transitions as athletes change directions, faster and more controlled changes in speed, and overall increases in power and explosiveness while playing offense or defense.

To perform the Basketball Modified Box Drill athletes will need a set of Kbands Leg Resistance Bands and four Speed and Agility Cones. Athletes will line the Speed and Agility Cones up 5-15 feet apart to create a box. Athletes will securely attach the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands just above their knees and line up at the bottom corner of the Speed and Agility Cone square. To begin the Basketball Modified Box Drill athletes will sprint from their starting Speed and Agility Cone to the Speed and Agility Cone just in front of them. After reaching the first Speed and Agility Cone athletes will open up their hips, take a drop step, and quickly diagonally shuffle to the Speed and Agility Cone at the opposite corner of the box.

Athletes will complete this sprint and shuffle pattern until they have successfully moved through the youth basketball drills for beginners two times. As athletes reach the final Speed and Agility Cone they will sprint through the Speed and Agility Cone for 10-15 yards. Athletes can also perform the Basketball Modified Box Drill so as the athlete finishes they must take a pass, and finish their shot at the basket. Perform six resisted rounds of the youth basketball drills for beginners before moving into additional youth basketball drills. Allow athletes to rest for 20-25 seconds between sets of the Basketball Modified Box Drill.


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Basketball Modified Youth Basketball Drills

The Basketball Modified Box Drill contains all of the elements of effective youth basketball drills for beginners. The simplicity and added resistance of the drill allows athletes to translate these movements into advanced training, sports specific, or competitive scenarios. Athletes can add additional resistance to this and other youth basketball drills by incorporating the Reactive Stretch Cord. To incorporate the Reactive Stretch Cord into the Basketball Modified Box Drill athletes will need to have a partner who stands to the back of the athlete and maintains tension on the Reactive Stretch Cord throughout the youth basketball drills for beginners. Athletes will attach the Reactive Stretch Cord by wrapping the Adjustable Belt around their waist and having their partner secure the Anchor Strap around their wrist. Athletes and partners should remember the maximum stretch distance of the Reactive Stretch Cord is 20 feet. Therefore, partners should stand no more than 5 feet from the back line of Speed and Agility Cones during any of the youth basketball drills.

The great thing about using the Reactive Stretch Cord during youth basketball drills is that the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands can also be used during the basketball drills for beginners. While the Reactive Stretch Cord will add resistance around the hips to challenge leg drive and turnover, while the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands are placed just above the knees and used to challenge the speed and strength of the hip flexors and thighs. Individually these are two great pieces of equipment. Athletes and coaches should also take advantage of youth basketball drills which can be performed with both pieces of training equipment.

Basketball Drills For Beginners

Along with basic athletic movements like sprinting, change of direction, agility, strength, and plyometric drills, basketball drills for beginners need to focus on the fundamentals of handling the basketball, playing solid defense, and learning how to pass, shoot, and rebound. Using basketball drills for beginners that put extra emphasis on essential basic basketball skills will help athletes use youth basketball drills to combine their overall athletic skills with basketball specific skill sets.

As athletes continue training they will begin to move from basketball drills for beginners into more advanced general athletic training and basketball training drills. These advanced training drills will differ from youth basketball drills for beginners by forcing the athlete to perform more difficult tasks at a higher speed or intensity. Using proper recovery and stretching techniques will become crucial at this advanced training stage and athletes and coaches should use the Recovery Foam Roller and Ballistic Bands to ensure athletes are staying loose and keeping their bodies healthy.

Additional intensity will be added to the basketball drills by adding greater amounts of resistance or multiple kinds of resistance equipment for each of the advanced youth basketball drills. However, these advanced youth basketball drills can only be successful if athletes and coaches take the time to master simpler basketball drills for beginners. Mastering these less advanced youth basketball drills will allow athletes to develop the muscle memory and technique to perform basic athletic and sports specific movements. The less time athletes have to spend focusing on basic basketball movements the more time they can focus on executing the drills and movements necessary to perform higher level youth basketball drills. Athletes can go to the Training Section to explore more basketball drills for beginners like the Basketball Modified Box Drill or even more advanced basketball drills when the athlete is ready to progress in their training. Even the most advanced and well skilled athlete can always benefit from performing less advanced basketball drills to ensure form and technique is crisp and smooth.


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