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What is Manual Resistance Training and Is It Better Than Lifting Weights | Kbands Live 148

Manual resistance training is a unique style of workout because it works the muscle during the pushing movement but also stresses the muscle during the deceleration of the exercise. Using resistance training holds the muscle under tension throughout the eccentric and concentric portions of the exercise. Incorporating partner resistance training, one partner completes the movement while the other completes a static hold, places the muscles under tension for nearly twice as long as normal weight training. Increased time under tension creates more muscle burn, stimulation and then muscle growth. Manual resistance training is a great addition to your weight lifting routine if you are committed to a traditional style of workout. It can be performed by anyone, regardless of your fitness level. It can also become more difficult as your strength and fitness level improves. Performing a partner manual resistance exercise using Ballistic Bands or Fusion Cables will place your muscles under tension for a longer period. Each partner must complete the active and static hold in each set. Watch the video, learn more about this style of workout, complete Kbands Live 148, and search the site for more exercise routines similar to this that will work every muscle group.




Do Partners Need To Be The Same Strength?

Partners do not need to be the same strength to complete this style of workout. Ideally, you should be of similar strength and fitness ability. If you are not the same or similar strength there are basic modifications that can be made to still allow both of you to get a complete workout. First, use a lighter weight Fusion Cable or Ballistic Band to complete the exercise. The bands and cables come in various resistance levels. As your strength increases you can use stronger resistance bands. Second, another modification that can be made is changing the distance between partners while completing each exercise. Modifying the distance will increase or decrease the amount of tension each partner will experience.

Third, if you are the stronger partner you can still benefit from the workout. Ensure you are only using the targeted muscle. Try to keep the surrounding and supporting muscle relaxed and out of the movement. Sometimes when moving heavier weight your body will recruit surrounding muscles to complete the movement. Practice not doing this. When the focused muscle being worked does not receive all of the activation, then maximum muscle growth cannot be achieved. You can also place the muscle under additional tension or stress by flexing the targeted muscle throughout the movement. Flexing the muscle while completing the movement increases the burn and muscle growth. Use the exercise to learn to target the muscle and work to isolate the muscle during the movement.

Can I Complete Manual Resistance Training Without a Partner?

Manual resistance training is easily completed with a partner. Partner workouts are great for the added motivation, encouragement a partner can provide, and of course the competition of challenging each other. A partner, while making it more enjoyable and challenging, is not a requirement. If working out alone attach your Ballistic Band or Fusion Cable to a mount: whether it be a squat rack, a pole, or the Fusion Cables Home Training System. Whatever mount you choose, make sure it is stable. The video demonstrates the Resisted Bicep Curls. If you are working out alone, modify the movement by placing the Fusion Cable on a low mount and complete the exercise. Once you have completed the active movement then perform your static hold at the end of the set. You will receive the same burn and benefit. Performing individual sets demonstrated in the video will be just as challenging as long as you push yourself, isolate the muscle being worked and perform each set to failure.

How Often Can I Complete Manual Resistance Training?

Manual resistance training can be completed every day. You can even work the same muscle on consecutive days. Resistance training is a great method to place the muscle under tension for a longer period of time. Longer time under tension means greater muscle growth. This is not the conventional approach to muscle development if you are used to performing traditional weight lifting for muscle gains. If you choose to work the same muscles on continual days make sure you listen to your body. There is a difference between muscle soreness, a good thing, and muscle pain, may indicate a new or impending injury. Listen to your body and make modifications as necessary. It is much easier to modify and adjust an exercise rather than to recover from an injury. A simple modification that can be made when completing manual resistance training when feeling something is not right simply work other muscles and give the current soreness time to rest. Or you can use a lighter resistance band to continue your workouts.

Why Complete Manual Resistance Training?

This is not a normal approach to weight training for muscle gains and growth. Resistance bands can be easily adjusted to your fitness level so you continually challenge your muscle growth. Partner resistance training gives you the activation from the Fusion Cable but also by the strength of your workout partner. Your partner can make the workouts harder, shown in the Manual Resisted Hamstring Curls, by providing additional pull during both the in and out movement. Manual resistance training is a great way to shake up your workouts so you place your muscles under tension for longer periods in the same workout. Try this training approach and get the benefits of greater muscle activation and feel the burn long after your workout.


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