Leg Day with Resistance Bands

Leg Day with Resistance Bands

Published by Trevor Theismann on 23rd Nov 2021

Leg Day with Resistance Bands

Your home workout routine for legs doesn’t have to be boring and repetitious. The Fusion Cable Home Training Gym helps you add variety and flexibility to any leg day with resistance bands. The Fusion Cables are easy to attach and resistance can be quickly adjusted by adding additional or heavier resistance bands to the mounts so you are getting maximum benefit with each rep.

Fusion Cable Side Lunge

Start by attaching the appropriate level of resistance bands to each of the mounts so you will be under constant tension throughout the movement. Next attach a Fusion Handle to the end of the resistance bands and step out from the wall. Grab the handle and extend your arms out straight in front of your chest, tighten your core, and get into an athletic stance.

Once in this position you will be driving off the wall, stepping out and lunge with the outside leg sinking low into the hip. The key to the lunge is not sitting in the knee but make sure you are driving back with the hip. Make sure you are not letting the knee slide over the toes because you will not be getting the maximum muscle activation.

Therefore, not getting the best results from your workout. This also can put the knee in a compromising position and risk possible injury. If you are performing the movement correctly you should feel pressure in your back leg while driving out with your groin. Slowly perform this movement so you increase the time your muscles are under tension. More muscle activation means more benefits. Make sure you keep your chest high, abs tight, hips tucked in, all while getting into a deep lunge with each rep. Perform this movement for 10-12 reps on the left leg before finishing with a 10 second static hold while performing the lunge. During the hold remember to keep good form. Then quickly move into 10-12 reps followed with a 10 second static hold on the right side before taking a 30 second break. Perform 3 sets of this sequence.

Points to Remember During the Lunge

This at home leg exercise using resistance bands will help develop leg strength as you work through the lunge routine. Working the large muscles in the legs will burn more calories during the workout but also after the workout while you are resting and recovering from the exercise. In all workouts you also need to remember your form. What is the correct position that should be maintained to ensure you are obtaining maximum benefits from the exercise and to ensure you work the appropriate muscles? In this exercise you should work to keep the chest up and shoulders down and back while keeping your arms extended in the front. Ensure the knees stay behind the toes and move in a low athletic stance. Ensure you are driving the hips back and low. Start slow and get comfortable with the movement to ensure you are performing it correctly for the most benefit. Next get ready to move into the second exercise, 3-Point Pull Down Plank.

3-Point Pull Down Plank

The second exercise in this Leg Day with Resistance Bands routine will be working the legs indirectly just like we worked the abs in the first leg day exercise. This exercise primarily works the back and lat muscles to help develop that nice “V” shape from your shoulders to your waist. It will indirectly work your abs as you work to keep a flat body. It will also work your legs as you keep them flexed to maintain a solid 3-point base. For this exercise you will use the low mount on the Fusion Cable Home Training System. Attach the correct level of resistance band so you will be under constant tension and achieving maximum muscle activation throughout the exercise. Grab the handle and move off the wall until the resistance band is tight. Maintain this plank position while driving your hand down your side to your hip. Keep your arm straight and concentrate on flexing your back and lat muscles during the movement. As you move the hand back up you should be getting great activation in this 3-point position. Don’t let the hand go beyond the ear. This exercise is working in the downward motion and the middle of your body. Perform 10 on each arm before taking a 30 second break. Complete 3 sets of this exercise. 

Hints and Highlights of the 3-Point Pull Down Plank

Always control the movement and focus on the primary muscles we are working. Control this movement both down and up and perform it like a wipe. Your abs should be burning from the previous exercise in this home workout routine. This is a great stability exercise to follow the first one that targeted the large muscles in the legs. As you complete every workout routine remember to focus on the muscles targeted in the routine but don’t forget about the muscles you are working indirectly. Keeping the legs flexed during this exercise will help continue the burn that started in the first exercise. Keeping your abs flexed as you work to keep your body flat will also have them benefitting from this back and lat exercise.

Final Thoughts on this Leg Day with Resistance

Using resistance bands in your workout routine is a great way to quickly achieve muscle activation because the muscle is starting the workout under tension. The Fusion Cable Home Training System allows you to quickly and easily adjust the resistance so you achieve maximum benefit from every exercise. This system is also perfect for tight spaces or people tight on time. You don’t waste your time driving to the gym. That drive time is replaced with workout time.

As you focus on one muscle group remember that you are potentially working many others at the same time. You can do this by maintaining good posture. This will work the core muscles. As you keep your shoulders up and back this will work your back and lat muscles. In every workout routine you have the primary muscles you are working plus then all of the others you work indirectly. So just because it is leg day doesn’t mean you can’t work and stimulate other muscles at the same time.

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