Biceps, Quads, and Core


Six Minute Workout: Biceps, Quads and Core

Ready for today’s at-home workout session? Great! This six minute workout will make use of the upper body KB PowerBands and lower body Kbands, so before getting started, prepare your workout area and attach your lower body Kbands around your legs just above the knee. This session will elevate the heart rate and work the biceps, quads and core. Let’s get started.



1) Biceps: 30 Seconds

Grasp the handles of your long resistance band and stand with both feet planted firmly on the strap. Now flex your elbows and pull both handles toward your chest. Make sure your flexion and extension are complete so you get the most out of each curl.

2) Quads: 45-60 Seconds

Next, we’ll put the long resistance band aside and focus on our quads. Stand with your feet parallel and slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Now drop into a proper squat (remember to push your hips backward; don’t let your knees move in front of your toes) and then rise back up, lifting each knee into the air one at a time as you stand. This should cause a deep burn in your quad area, and if you’re giving it all you have, you should be struggling after about 45 seconds.

Notice how Trevor stays balanced with his feet apart and his hands forward on the downside of each squat.

As you start to feel the burn, keep moving and keep your heart rate up. Lift your knees high to get the full benefit of the move, and keep them wide. Don’t let your knee lifts creep inward.

3) Core: 1.5 Minutes

Without pausing after 45 seconds of knee lifts (keep that heart rate elevated!), drop to the floor into push-up position. Keep one palm flat on the floor, turn your body to the side, and extend the other hand toward the ceiling. Then return to push-up position and complete a full push-up. Repeat the move ten times for each side of your body.

Watch Trevor’s feet as he rolls. Keep your feet parallel and close together. Roll them to the side with each repetition of the move.

To really feel this move in your core, make sure your body stays straight like a plank. Don’t let your back curve or your torso sag to the floor as you reach up with your free hand. If the move feels too easy, check your body position.

4) Back to the Biceps: 30-45 Seconds

Now let’s stand up and bring back the resistance band for another round of bicep work. With your feet squarely on the strap and a firm grip on both handles, turn your arms at a 45 degree angle from your body and curl both biceps at the same time, pulling the strap toward your shoulders.

5) Repeat 3-4 Times

Be sure to repeat this sequence of exercises three to four times for a great workout. 

Heart Rate Check

Great job! Now for a quick heart rate check. Find your pulse and count the number of beats that occur during a six second period. Then multiply that number by ten to determine your BPM, or beats per minute. The ideal number will vary according to your age and condition, so if you don’t know your target heart rate, talk to your doctor or just do a quick Google search to find a heart rate measurement chart.

If you enjoyed this quick at-home workout, feel free to leave a comment below. And come back any time to try another workout from any of the categories listed on the site. Thanks for joining us!


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