A Sculpting Workout For Ripped Six Pack Abs


A Sculpting Workout For Ripped Six Pack Abs

Welcome back to the Flex2Fit workout blog! I’m Tracy, a personal trainer with Kbands Training.com, and today we’ll be focusing our workout on the abdominal area. This intense abs workout can be completed in your gym or living room in just a few minutes, and it offers a great way to create definition in the torso and build lean six pack abs.

During this abs workout, I’ll be taking you through three exercise sets in which we’ll rely on the muscles of the lower core, the abs and the glutes. These three sets can help tone and tighten loose areas in time for swimsuit season and they can also help to add strength and shape to our midsection. To speed up our results and get six pack abs even faster, go ahead and add the additional tension of the Kbands, which can amplify the resistance of core exercises like these. Make sure the straps are secure, with the long band in front and the shorter band attached in the back.

Ready? Let’s begin.



Workout Reps Workout Sets


1 min



10-15 3-5
Fire Hydrants


Abs Workout: Planks

Our abs workout will start with a set of plank exercises, so let’s find a mat and get into plank position, keeping the core nice and tight. Place your weight on your elbows and your toes, with your back straight and your feet slighter more than shoulder width apart. Your feet should be just wide enough to create tension in the bands, which you should feel concentrated in your glutes. Meanwhile, keep your six pack abs and your lower back tight, straight, and under control. Body position is the key element of any good plank exercise. Follow my body position in the video and as you begin to feel the burn, don’t sag or lose your alignment.

Hold the plank steady for 30 seconds. Then add an additional element to this abs workout move by shifting your right foot out to the side. Bring the right foot back in and move the left foot to the side. Keep the rest of your body in position as you do this. Keep alternating your feet at a steady pace for another 30 seconds. If you’re doing this part of the abs workout properly, you should feel a strong burn in your glutes and core.

Abs Workout: Obliques

The next move of the abs workout will focus on the obliques. Rotate your body position so you’re lying on your side on the mat with your feet together. Extend your lower arm forward for stability, like I do in the video. Then tuck your upper arms close to your head and raise your upper leg, staying straight at the knee. You should feel a firing sensation in your obliques as you do this. Keep repeating the move at a steady pace for about 15 reps. After a count of fifteen, switch your position and repeat this abs workout move on the other side.

If the move is a little too challenging with the leg lift, try it first with no leg motion—Just raise your upper body slightly from the floor.

Abs Workout: Fire Hydrants and Reaches

The final exercise in this abs workout requires a little balance and a tight core. Place your weight on your knees and your palms, keeping your back straight and level. Start by rotating at the hip and raising your left knee out to the side, pulling against the resistance of the bands. Then lower your knee back to the starting point and raise it again, this time straightening at the knee and extending the leg behind you.

As you do this with your left leg, you’ll be raising you left hand from the mat and reaching forward. This will leave all of your weight on your right palm and right knee, which can be tricky. Your body will compensate for this imbalance by tightening in the abs and core. Complete 15 of these moves on each side.

You should be able to complete this entire abs workout within about 15 minutes, and after a few weeks, you’ll probably start seeing a little more definition in your six pack abs and you’ll be ready to hit the pool. Feel free to check in with Kbands Training.com for additional tips and workout advice, and leave any questions you may have in the comment section below. Enjoy the workout!



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