Sexy Abs In 5 Minutes | Leg Lifts


Sexy Abs in 5 Minutes | Leg Lifts

Hi, I’m Trevor Theismann with Kbands Training, and welcome to our latest video in the Flex-to-Fit workout series! I often hear comments from clients who are looking for ways to chisel the abdominal area and turn a stubborn pad of fat into a defined, flat stomach. And now with the Olympics underway, inspiration is in the air and the quest for a flat stomach seems to have gone into overdrive.

So even though we’ve offered a few past workouts targeting this muscle area, it can’t hurt to focus on the abs a little more. During today’s workout, we’ll be taking you through a fresh set of abdominal exercises and reemphasizing some key strategies for targeting the core and lower torso.




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A Flat Stomach: Chasing the Elusive Six Pack

What exactly are six pack abs? And why do athletes with the strongest flat stomachs imaginable sometimes lack the clear lines that divide the abs into those neat little sections? In other words, why aren’t crunches enough to generate a visible six pack? Many of my clients come to me after thousands of crunches asking if they’re doing something wrong.

First, keep in mind that a flat stomach and six pack abs don’t just come from a great workout plan. They also require proper nutrition and calorie control. Fat loss isn’t targeted to specific areas of the body—when the body decides to convert stored fat into energy, it chooses the location of that fat without our input. So when we’re looking for a flat stomach, crunches alone won’t get us there. We also need to cut back on calories and have a little patience.

Second, some of us are genetically inclined to have tighter connective tissue around our abs, which naturally leads to deeper lines. But if you aren’t favored by nature, that’s no reason to give up. Keeping your abs and core strong can still result in a toned body line, great athletic performance, and overall fitness.

A Flat Stomach: Abdominal Exercises

Today, Jackie will be demonstrating a quick, five minute set of abdominal exercises using the KB Powerbands. Before we begin, notice how we’ve set the scene. We’re starting off with a single yellow band, a low level of resistance. We’ve placed the ankle strap around the base of a sturdy anchor point, in this case the squat rack, and we’ve threaded the yellow band through the strap before clipping it the foot straps on each of Jackie’s feet.

With the foot straps attached to her feet, Jackie lies on her back with her legs straight and her hands at her sides for stability. Keeping her feet together, she raises her legs, pulling against the resistance of the KB Powerbands. She should feel the tension in her abs and lower torso, just as she would with crunches.

Jackie has a flat stomach and is very strong, so after four to six sets of these abdominal exercises, she’ll want to raise the level of resistance. At that point, we’ll thread another band through the anchor point and clip it to both sides.

As she brings her legs down after each lift, she’s careful not to lower them far enough to create slack in the band. She keeps the band as tight as possible at all times in order to maintain the pressure in her abs and generate a flat stomach. These abdominal exercises build a complex tension that targets more of the core than crunches alone. So these moves, plus some attention to nutrition, can help any of us get and keep a flat stomach. They can also get us as close as possible to a defined set of six pack abs.

As always, feel free to leave your comments and questions in the section below. We’d love to hear about your progress! You can also subscribe for more Flex-to-Fit Workouts by clicking the link above. See you next time!


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