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True Preparation

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True Preparation

#Preparation is episode 2 in our My Calling motivational series. True preparation is key to success. #MYCALLING is a series to help get athletes out and training harder than ever before. Push your limits and acheive greatness. Share this video with the athlete in your life to help push them to the next level.

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Need Some New Cone Drills

I'm always looking to create new cone drills for young athletes to use in their training. This drill is a great combination drill. You will focus on acceleration with the RSC and hip flexor explosiveness with kbands. See Video

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What's Your Calling

  What Is Your Calling? What is your calling. Push yourself each day to become the best athlete you can be. Hard work always pays off. Train smart! Train hard! Train with intensity! WHAT IS YOUR CALLING #MYCALLING   Kbands (Leg Resistance Bands) $39.95 $29.95 Choose Options Extra Lower Body Resistance Bands (Kbands) $14.95 $9.95 Choose Options Kbands Elite Speed Training Kit $289.85 [...]

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New Hockey Drills For Speed On The Ice

We just released our new hockey training section. Take a look at each of the drills to help build your hockey skills. Each hockey drill has a complete workout breakdown in addition to a streaming video. Get Started Training

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New Cross Over Drill For Football

Football agility training requires not only muscle activation but also development of strong hip and knee action. During this football agility step-over drill, several cones or hurdles are utilized to create sufficient training space. Strap on the Kbands above your knees to begin the drill. Jump over the hurdle gap, taking stagger steps and accelerating [...]

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Time For Some Cardio

This Kbands live Interval Cardio routine is going to challenge the entire body and will require KB Duo, Kbands leg Resistance Bands, and the Victory Rope. First use the KB Duo for the challenger sequence. Perform 8 atomic pushups, 8 pikes, 8 knee ups, and 30-second mountain climbers in sequence for 4 sets. Take a [...]

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Workout With A Ladder

Optimize your training with a speed and agility ladder today.

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