Back Workouts

Best Back Workout

Best Back Workout

If you're looking for the Best Back Workout routine with resistance bands use the Fusion Cables Home Training System. This versatile Fusion Cable System exercise will target the back and lat muscles during your workout helping you to achieve maximum results during your workout.

Equipment Used: Fusion Cables
Single Arm Row

Single Arm Row

Use this rowing exercise to isolate and strengthen the back, abs, and arms on each side of the body. Challenge athletes with different variations, tempos, and levels of resistance.

Equipment Used: Ballistic Bands
Dynamic Pull Up

Body Weight Training and Back Strength

Body weight training with the KB Duo suspension training system can help users develop coordination, agility, and control as well as strength. The multi-dimensional benefits of body weight training support a wide range of fitness goals.

Equipment Used: KB Duo
Outdoor FX

Kbands Outdoor FX | Video Trainer

Build strength, body control and lose body fat with Kbands Outdoor FX. This outdoor workout program will allow you to train anywhere maximizing your results. No need for a gym with Kbands Outdoor FX. Take the challenge now.

Equipment Used: Kbands, KB Duo, KB Powerbands
100 Set Challenge

100 Set Workout Challenge: Back Exercises

Try this high-speed 100 set workout routine! Complete these intense back exercises as fast as you can without compromising your technique.

Equipment Used: KB Powerbands
Dynamic strength XP

Dynamic Strength XP Strength Training

Buid explosive power with Dynamic Strength XP. Add a new element to your workouts with suspension training and push every rep to failure with the perfect amount of resistance. Start training now.

Equipment Used: KB Duo
Back Burner Challenge

Back Burner | Gain Back Size and Strength

Looking for a strong back and a powerful set of lats? Try this intense superset of back exercises. This back workout relies on the drop set method to generate fast results.

Equipment Used: KB Powerbands, Pull Up Bar, Kbands
Back Ripper Workout

Back Ripper | Great Circuit to Add Size

Try this quick back workout to tone the arm, shoulders, and back muscle groups! Back exercise moves like these can help you build muscle strength, improve your posture, and protect your back from injury.

Equipment Used: KB Duo


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