Youth Resistance Bands Exercises

 Best Youth Athlete Training: Youth Resistance Band Exercises 

From an early age young athletes need to develop a strong base of proper speed and agility fundamentals. A solid grasp on the fundamentals will help athletes accelerate their athletic progression in the future. Once an athlete does not have to think about basic and simple movements they will be able to shift their focus onto more advanced types of training and techniques.

The best drill to start building a solid foundation of fundamentals is the Youth Kbands Wall Drill. This resistance band exercise incorporates proper running form and technique while challenging the athlete in ways no un-resisted exercise can. This resistance exercise will facilitate linear speed and hip flexor development in young athletes. Their development during this resistance exercise will set them apart from their fellow competitors for years to come.



Youth Resistance Band Exercises: Setting Up The Drill

The most effective training methods for youth are exercises, which are simple and done in short bursts. The goal of this type of training is to enhance a young athletes athletic ability. Coaches and parents should always remember to have their young athlete perform short sets with longer breaks in between sets. These breaks are an excellent time for coaches or parents to emphasize proper form and technique with their youth athlete.

To set up the resistance band exercise young athletes will need a set of Kbands (begin with yellow and progress to red bands), a sturdy wall or structure the young athlete can firmly place their hands on, and a coach or parent to aid in form and technique.

Resistance Band Exercises: Executing The Youth Kbands Wall Drill

To begin the resistance exercise young athletes will securely attach the Kbands around the leg, just above the knee. After the Kbands are attached young athletes will place their hands high on a wall keeping their backs at a 45-degree angle off of the wall. From this point young athletes will begin to drive their knees up, pushing through the resistance and working off the balls of their feet.

The resistance band exercise will be performed for 8-10 seconds per set, allowing 90 seconds to 2 minutes between sets. This longer recovery time will allow athletes to achieve proper recovery between sets, and allow parents or coaches to provide feedback on form and technique.

The resistance exercise should be performed for 3-5 sets depending on the young athletes fitness and athletic levels. Once a young athlete has become more advanced and comfortable with the resistance band exercise, athletes and coaches can begin to challenge them more. Once athletes can easily perform 3 resisted sets of the exercise, have the young athlete advance from yellow bands to red bands. This extra resistance will help to continually challenge and develop the young athlete.

Athletes can also rotate between resisted band exercises and un-resisted exercises. Young athletes can perform 3 resisted sets of the exercise, immediately followed by 2 un-resisted sets of the exercise.


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Youth Resistance Band Exercises: Form and Flaws

Emphasizing and developing proper form in young athletes is crucial to their athletic development, this is especially true during resistance band exercises. The resistance exercise will challenge young athletes in ways their bodies are not used to. Applying and forcing the body to adapt to new types of stressors is essential in athletic development. Coaches and parents need to pay close attention to their young athletes and ensure they develop solid form and technique.

While performing the resistance band exercise athletes need to maintain a 45-degree angle with their back and the wall. Coaches and parents be sure athletes have a high arm base off the wall, while maintaining proper posture and running form.

Athletes need to be explosive with their knee drive throughout the resistance exercise. Coaches and parents be sure young athletes are working off the balls of their feet, not allowing the heel to make contact with the ground. Be sure young athletes are staying underneath their shoulders or armpits and focus on knee drive.

An important aspect of the resistance band exercise is not only knee drive but also knee alignment. Be sure young athletes are not letting their knees come across the mid-point of their body. Instead coaches and parents should emphasize a knee drive that goes out from the mid-point of the body.

Form and technique cannot be stressed enough for young athletes, and it is up to parents or coaches to provide proper supervision and make form correction when needed. It is imperative young athletes maintain proper knee explosion and form throughout the resistance exercise.

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