New Agility Ladder Drill For Young Athletes To Improve Their Speed

New Agility Ladder Drill For Young Athletes To Improve Their Speed

It’s important that you continue to find new speed and agility drills. Keep things fresh and interesting as you progress through your journey of athletics. Mix up your workouts with different cone arrangements and challenge distances with a mixture of exercises. Let’s setup this new agility ladder drill for young athletes now.



Intense New Ladder Drill

As you can see in the video the ladder portion of this exercise can be completed with a variety of different footwork techniques. You can utilize the icky shuffle, linear high knees, lateral high knees, the two step, etc. The ladder portion can be modified to fit your needs. We suggest completing ladder drills that are most like your sport. If your sport requires you to turn your hips we suggest completing exercises that require you to turn your hips from side to side. If your sport requires you to have fast feet, we suggest spending more time on footwork specific exercises. The key is to understand what your sport requires, and do just that.


Increase Speed With Kbands


What Do Kbands Do

Kbands are a unique product we made in early 2000’s. We tried to find a way to challenge hip flexors and glutes to help young athletes build stability and speed. Kbands can be used in drills that you already are completing. Their freedom of movement, and the ability to add resistance while you run is second to none. They have proven year after year to be the most effective training tool to increase speed in young athletes. If you are new to using Kbands, we suggest cutting the sets in half until you have a better foundation of strength. After some time of training, you can then increase the sets. Please read our customer reviews and testimonials of athletes just like you that have increased their speed with Kbands.


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Reactive Stretch Cord




Victory Ropes

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