Best Stomach Exercises | KB Duo Suspended Trio

Best Stomach Exercises | KB Duo Suspended Trio

The KB Duo Suspension Strap system has helped so many reach fitness and weight loss goals because it is effective, easy to use, and adjustable to the needs of the user. This is a stomach workout that will result in high calories burn and will burn that belly fat for a flat stomach. The KB Duo Suspended Trio is a stomach workout that will also leave the shoulders, triceps, and back on fire making this an incredibly dynamic and all around effective workout. The key to an effective stomach workout is not only doing crunches and hitting one area of the abs, but targeting each section of the abdominals. The KB Duo will help achieve results by utilizing body weight to target the upper abs, lower abs, obliques, and transverse abs. The KB Duo Suspended Trio consists of three stomach exercises that will also target the back muscles. This is an area too often skipped during workouts that is the secret to a strong, toned core, and flat stomach. The back is included in the term core and by toning the back as well as each section of the abdominals; this is the best and most well rounded stomach workout that can be done in no time.



For this killer stomach workout the KB Duo Suspension Straps will be the only equipment necessary. The KB Duo is an incredibly dynamic tool that will provide the user with convenient and adjustable suspension straps and handles. This tool is extremely versatile and this stomach workout is just one of many uses of the KB Duo Suspension Straps. This particular workout is going to help target the stomach for an intense abdominal-cutting workout that utilizes all the major core muscles for a full stomach workout.

To begin, mount the KB Duo Suspension Straps at a high point such as a doorframe and adjust the straps until they are about a foot above the ground. This could vary depending upon arm length, and can be easily adjust to the needs of the user for optimal performance and the best stomach workout possible.

KB Duo Suspended Trio: Form and Performing

Now that the KB Duo Suspension Straps are in place, position the feet comfortably in the straps that don’t have a handle, the strap should be cradling the top of the foot. The user will begin in a low plank position. Precise form during this move is vital for targeting the stomach muscles and getting an amazing stomach workout. In the low plank position, elbows should be inline with the shoulders and pelvis tucked under to engage the lower abdominal muscles and protect the lower back.

The first move in the suspended trio is a knee tuck. While keeping the elbows inline with shoulder points, bend the knees and drive them forward in a tucking motion. The knees will be tucked in toward the chest and the glutes are up in the air. The key to a fat burning stomach exercise like the suspended knee tuck is keeping the spine inline and the pelvis tilted under so that the core is fully engaged and burning. Improper alignment could result in injury to the back or strain in the lower back. This is an intense stomach exercise that will target every muscle in the core to help in achieving that amazing flat stomach.

Shoulders and core will be on fire so beginners may want to take a 10 to 20 second rests between each exercise in this stomach exercise. But pushing limits and keeping the abdominal under tension will mean maximized results and an amazing stomach workout for a flat belly.

The second stomach exercise in the suspended trio is the side swing tuck. Just like the abdominal were pulling in the first tuck, this fat burning move recruits the obliques. Targeting the obliques will mean burning those love handles for a flat and toned stomach. Get a little momentum to swing and tuck the knees from side to side. The knees will tuck in close to the armpit chest, then back to starting position and then tucked to the side to the opposite armpit chest and repeat. The side swing tuck is the best stomach exercise for the obliques and strength building. By using the KB Duo Suspension Straps every muscle can be targeted for a quick and highly effective stomach workout.

The last stomach exercise in the KB Duo Suspended Trio is a suspended pike. This move will look like an upside down V. It is of vital importance to not hyperextend the spine and to maintain optimal spinal alignment during this intense stomach exercise. Tuck hips and pelvis under so the lower stomach area is activated and protecting the lower back. Now, use the stomach muscles to pull the hips up and feet forward into a pike. Imagine that there is a string connected to the tailbone that is being pulled up in a straight line, creating a nice V-shape with the body. This suspended stomach exercise will leave the abs burning and the core toned and tight. This is the best stomach exercise for a flat belly because it is targeting every inch of the core by using body weight with the help of the KB Duo Suspension Straps.


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KB Duo Suspended Trio: Repetitions and Sets

Perform each of the KB Duo Suspended Trio exercises for 30 seconds and try to not rest in between. Keeping the stomach muscles under tension is what transforms these simple moves into the best stomach workout around. The KB Duo Suspension Straps allow the user to utilize body weight and activate every muscle in the core as well as shoulders, back, and hip flexors for a unique and highly effective workout. Shoulders will be burning and novice user may need to take a 10-20 second break in between each. Listen to the body but push the muscles for maximum results and the best stomach workout for a flat and carved stomach.

Best Stomach Exercises: Stomach Workouts for Sculpted Abs

This is one of many stomach exercise routines that the KB Duo Suspension Straps can be used for. Suspension straps are a highly effective way to activate muscles throughout the body for maximized fat burn and muscle building. Get into incredible shape and achieve a flat stomach by performing simple, well know moves with a twist by using KB Duo. Here is one of the many other abdominal workouts using KB Duo for six pack abs. Additional stomach workouts like this 5-minute workout using Kbands will help to reach the goal of a flat stomach in no time flat.


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