Wrestling Moves | Planked Circles Drill


Core Strength Is Key For Wrestling Moves

Every wrestler wants to be the one to have their hand raised at the end of a match indicating a win. Unlike some other sports that cover a lot of space, wrestling requires covering a small space quickly. Wrestlers must have a strong body, a strong mind, major body control, and balance in order to stand up against increasing wrestling competition. High School wrestling is about quick movements and it takes total body control to master the proper skills and techniques of the sport. Explosive wrestling moves require tremendous body control. Wrestlers use every muscle in their body to attack and defend their opponent and stepping on the mat unprepared is not a fun experience. Wrestlers want their skills to become so automatic that they don’t have to think to attack or execute a sequence of moves. Simply click on the chart below for more Kbands Training wrestling drills.  




Wrestling Moves | Planked Circles

Make sure wrestlers have their own circle so they have enough space to adequately perform this drill. Place hands or fists in the middle of the circle with feet spread apart on the outside of the circle and pivot around the circle. Remember that hand position in the circle is critical in this drill. Stay flat and squeeze the core while shuffling around. Keep hands centered in the middle of the circle. Begin by putting on the lower Kbands and circle while the feet gain ground around in the circle. Do not let the body become weak and stumble from side to side. Wrestlers must maintain good body position and balance to increase body control. The legs, obliques, and core will fire to maintain a flat back and help the wrestler gain ground quickly in a circle. The hands must stay strong in the middle in order for the rest of the body to rotate. Wrestlers tire because of the intensity of the match and this drill will help wrestlers increase endurance as well as core strength. They must dig deep and push harder and harder to endure. Wrestlers must control their body to be as fast as they can be. Quickness is vitally important in wrestling. The idea is to be able to stay in motion, change direction quickly, and maintain balance for great body control. This drill is also great for wrestlers to work on staying low and wide in order to control their opponent during a match. Wrestlers must work to keep their legs wide, fighting against the resistance and be sure to not cross the legs. A wrestler must know how to circle around opponents. This drill helps wrestlers with their sprawling technique by being able to quickly keep legs back and moving so that the opponent cannot grab one of them while the hands are out in front. Each wrestler must work to circle their bodies as fast as possible to become quicker.


Know Your Wrestlers and Their Bodies

This is a reaction drill where a wrestler must react quickly to their coach or trainer to change directions. Coaches and trainers must push their athletes to change direction as fast as possible. Working at 100 percent intensity will allow wrestlers to control their bodies at match speed. Completing this drill at less than max effort will leave athletes with little to no match results. The competition keeps getting better and better in middle school wrestling and high school wrestling. Coaches and trainers should learn how to read their athletes bodies. It is very important to train wrestlers at 100% intensity by giving them breaks when their pace begins to slow down. Becoming more explosive will not happen by over doing it. Explosiveness comes from specific style training that is at 100% effort and this happens by giving wrestlers short breaks throughout their training. This will train athletes to give everything they have because they know they will get a break. Long duration exercises only cause athletes to move at 80% because they know they have to save some of their energy because they have no idea when they will finish. Coaches and trainers must learn to train in this fashion to optimize wrestling results.  

A wrestler must develop coordination and total body control with determination and by taking responsibility for both mental and physical strength. In order for a wrestler to be explosive to get their opponent off balance they need comfortable and controlled moves. It takes a wrestler having body control to move from side-to-side, front, back, up, and down while mastering moves to defeat their opponent. A wrestler needs to get their opponent off balance because an off balance opponent is much easier to defeat. Wrestlers also need the speed to shoot through their opponent and make moves quickly. Kbands training allows wrestlers to complete daily drills to improve body control just like they would be performed in a match.

To optimize this drill read the group. Require each wrestler to go one way approximately 10 seconds and then switch directions. If the group cannot maintain 100 percent intensity give them a break. For more advanced level wrestlers extend the drill to 20 to 30 seconds each direction. The drill is more about pace, technique, and intensity than time. 4 to 6 sets will be sufficient for workout duration.

Next Level

Wrestlers, it’s time to take training to the next level. Use the Kbands Training drills we give you here on the website to become an overall better wrestler. These drills are great to use at home, practice and to stretch and warm-up before a match. Athletes looking for the edge over their competition should look to our Athlete Performance Pack. Become a better athlete by working on speed, agility, and core strength which will be accomplished from using the Kbands Athlete Performance Pack.  This includes a set of lower Kbands and a speed, agility, and core training video. It is an inexpensive way to work out at home to improve techniques and increase strength for better overall performance. The Athlete Performance Pack is designed to make you faster, stronger, and more explosive on and off the mat.   


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