Softball Sports Performance Training | Speed Ladder Lateral Hops

Softball Sports Performance Training | Speed Ladder Lateral Hops

SAQ Training stands for Strength, Agility, Quickness Training and is an important part of any softball players’ sports performance training. A girls softball players ability to effectively use SAQ Training will help them not only be quicker on the base path and while on defense but SAQ Training can also be used to create effective softball pitching drills. The quick movements required in many form of SAQ Training will help girls softball players develop the quickness in the hips, core, and thighs to effectively increase overall athletic speed and enhance their smaller, explosive movements.



SAQ Training With Kbands For Increased Sports Performance Training

There are many different forms of SAQ Training as well as styles and variations of SAQ Training that help to target and develop the various attributes involved in developing great speed and quickness. Girls softball players who would like to continue learning about different styles and forms of SAQ Training can go to the Sports Performance Training Section and explore the Speed and Vertical Sports Performance Training Section and the Speed 101 Sports Performance Training workout.

The use of Kbands Leg Resistance Bands, the Reactive Stretch Cord, Speed and Agility Ladder, and many other types of sports performance training equipment create a large volume of challenging and beneficial SAQ Training drills which can be performed by individuals, small groups or in larger team settings. The use of resistance in sports performance training will increase the amount of muscle activation and forces the body to adapt to a greater amounts of resistance placed on certain muscles and muscle groups.

SAQ Training With The Kbands Speed Ladder Lateral Hops

The Kbands Speed Ladder Lateral Hops is a great SAQ Training drill that requires the use of the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands and the Speed and Agility Ladder. Softball players will first need to identify a proper amount of resistance to be used during the SAQ Training. Girls’ softball players can go to the Shop Section to learn more about the different levels of resistance that can be used with the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands. After softball players have identified the correct amount of resistance, they will attach the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands just above their knees and lay the Speed and Agility Ladder flat on the ground.

Girls’ softball players will begin the Speed Ladder Lateral Hops by standing slightly to the side of one end of the Speed and Agility Ladder. Softball players will begin the SAQ Training by placing one foot in the first square (opposite foot should be just outside of that same square) of the Speed and Agility Ladder then laterally hop so the opposite foot is inside the Speed and Agility Ladder square and the first foot is just to the outside of the opposite side of the square. Girls’ softball players will continue this lateral hopping motion to the end of the Speed and Agility Ladder. Girls’ softball players should remember they must have both feet touch inside of the square before progressing forward on the Speed and Agility Ladder. Girls’ softball players will perform 6-8 resisted repetitions of the Sports Performance Training Drill before removing the Kbands Leg Resistance Bands and performing 2-4 unresisted sets of the Speed Ladder Lateral Hops.

As girls softball players move through the Speed Ladder Lateral Hops they need to keep their knees separated enough so there is constant pressure placed on the outside of the knees and thighs. This constant outward pressure strengthens the muscles on the outside of the thighs and hips while also preventing the knees from internally rotating. This promotes proper body mechanics and will limit injuries to the knees and ankles. Girls’ softball players also need to promote quick and explosive movements with every hop. Actively trying to move quicker through the SAQ Training drill, while maintaining good body positioning, will train the muscles of the calves, thighs, and hips to contract faster and retain more tension and power with each contact on the ground. Good body positioning involves moving through the routine with a tall chest, head facing forward, shoulders back, and performing high knees as you move through the ladder drill. More advanced athletes can advance this SAQ Training Drill by performing sets moving both forward and backwards.

This form of SAQ Training is great to combine with other forms of Sports Performance Training Drills during a team circuit training session. Sports performance training drills like the Scramble Pro Drill and the Baseball Power Jumps can serve as overall athletic training which double as softball hitting and softball pitching drills. A softball players ability to develop explosiveness in their thighs and hip flexors will greatly determine the amount of success they will have throughout their softball career.


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Elite Softball Sports Performance Training

To develop complete and effective softball players, coaches and trainers need to develop complete and effective softball training routines. These softball performance sports training routines should involve SAQ Training, core strengthening, rotational power, and softball specific drills. The KB Powerbands Shoulder Progression is also recommended to increase throwing power and accuracy while decreasing the likelihood of an injury to the rotator cuff, shoulder, or elbow. The core strengthening exercises like the Victory Ropes Hercules Walks or the Victory Ropes Power Turns are great for training both core strength and rotational power.

Girls’ softball coaches should be aware of the time of the year when designing a softball sports performance training routine. Softball players should use the offseason as a chance to improve on overall athletic attributes like speed, strength, and power. As the competitive softball season approaches coaches need to shift their focus and begin to implement more softball specific sports performance training sessions. Proper management and periodization of training will allow softball players to learn how to use their added offseason strength to improve performance during softball pitching and hitting drills.

Different forms of flexibility and recovery exercises also need to be paired with the softball sports performance training. Flexibility exercises used with the Kbands Stunt Strap as well as myofascial release techniques used with the Recovery Foam Roller can be found in the Recovery Section. Dynamic warm-ups should always be performed prior to any physical activity (training or competition), whereas the KB Stunt Strap and Recovery Foam Roller can be used pre or post physical activity.


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