Kbands Football Pro Kit

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Football Pro Kit


Football players will take their game to a higher level with the Kbands Football Pro Kit. With every training session football players will increase speed, side-to-side agility and explosive acceleration and deceleration. Within 5 weeks each athlete will find decreases in 40's, 3 Cone Drill and Pro Agility times.

Included With The Kbands Football Pro Kit

  • Kbands (Speed Resistance Bands)
  • Speed Ladder (15ft Ladder)
  • Agility Cones (10 Low Profile Cones)
  • Advanced Strength Blue Leg Bands
  • Athlete Performance 5 Week Program
  • 1-2-3 Reaction Pro (Ladder Training Program)

Football 5 Week Training Program


Build explosive speed and agility over 5 weeks of intense training. Dominate test-outs decreasing 40's, 3 Cone Drill and Pro Agility times with every training session. The Athlete Performance Training Program can be placed on every platform to utilize anywhere. (Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop)

Bonus Ladder Training Program

1-2-3 Reaction Pro Ladder Training

In addition to the 5 week training program each football player will receive a bonus training program. (1-2-3 Reaction Pro) With this ladder sequence football players will improve foot speed for more effective game like cuts. Download this video series and begin training today.


Kbands Football Pro Kit

Explosive Football Training

Kbands + Advanced Blue Bands will help football players increase speed and explosiveness with every resisted exercise.

Speed Ladder training will help build foot speed for more controlled moves on the field. (15 Feet)

Agility Cones will allow each football player to focus on explosive accelerations and decelerations. (10 cones)

Athlete Performance 5 Week Training Program gives football players the day to day workout program needed to increase their speed and agility fast. (Digital Download)

1-2-3 Reaction Pro is a breakthrough ladder training program focusing on hip flexor strength, dynamic footspeed, and one-legged power. (Digital Download)

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