Build A Strong Throwing Arm


Increase Throwing Strength: Build Power in the Back, Hips and Core

Hi, I’m Trevor Theismann and welcome back to the training blog. In previous videos we’ve covered some rotator cuff information and workout tips for the shoulders, but now let’s take a minute to focus specifically on building a stronger throwing arm. Throwing strength partially comes from a powerful arm and shoulder, but it also comes from control and coordination in the muscles of the back, core, and hips.

Get a Stronger Throwing Arm: Equipment

For these throwing strength exercises, you’ll need the KB PowerBands, the leg resistance bands, and a sturdy post or piece of equipment that you can use as an anchor point. Loop the KB PowerBands around the anchor the way I do in the video, so they create resistance and build throwing strength as you exert force in an upward direction. Make sure the leg resistance bands are securely fastened around your legs with the short band in front and the long band in the back. Ready to build a stronger throwing arm? Let’s get started.




Workout Reps Workout Sets

Dynamic Reverse Fly

8-10 Each Leg



Increase Throwing Strength

Holding a handle in each hand, step away from the anchor point until the bands are tight. Place your weight on your right leg and push your let foot back behind you. As we execute this first throwing strength exercise, we’ll be leaning forward over the right knee, so in order to keep the pressure in your hips where it belongs, you’ll need to make sure you start the move with your right toe ahead of your right knee. Keep your body properly aligned as your trunk rolls forward over that knee.

Begin the throwing strength exercise by rolling forward and reaching toward the anchor point. Then straighten your torso and pull the handles back and to the sides with your arms extended. Now bring your hands together and forward again. As you repeat this move, you’ll feel the resistance in your hips and upper body. This means you aren’t just building a stronger throwing arm, you’re also increasing throwing strength in your torso, shoulders and back.

Building a stronger throwing arm comes from adding power and mobility, but none of this added throwing strength will matter if you don’t keep your shoulders safe. So for any throwing strength exercise, technique and safety are especially important. Keep your body aligned during the process and make sure the tension stays focused in the right muscle groups.

To increase your throwing strength and maximize your workout, repeat this move about eight to ten times with the left leg back, then switch over to the right. Between each set, take about ten seconds to shake out your arms and shoulders.

Building Throwing Strength: Final Notes

To really build a stronger throwing arm and increase throwing strength in your hips and glutes as well as your arms and core, make sure your cover the entire range of motion during this exercise. Roll your torso all the way forward and straighten your back fully as you pull the bands to the sides.
You’ll also want to concentrate this throwing strength exercise in your shoulder blades. This means you’ll need to focus on keeping your arms straight as you pull back. Don’t lift the handles up over your head or higher than the line of your shoulders. Just pull them to the sides with your elbows as straight as possible.

If you focus on this throwing strength exercise twice or three times a week, you should start developing a stronger throwing arm in a relatively short time. Tell us about your progress in the comment section below, and if you have questions or need advice, comment or contact us directly. As always, we invite you to subscribe to the Flex2Fit workouts.

Enjoy the workout!


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