Wrestling With Kbands | Will They Work



What Kbands Do For Wrestlers

Kbands are a great tool for any athlete looking to develop core strength. The core muscles of the body include the hips, glutes, and trunk. Athletes wearing Kbands will feel instant muscle activation in their glutes and hips the minute and they put on the leg bands. The trunk is then fired with an array of different exercises with the knee lifting upwards or out to the side. Using Kbands can help develop all core muscles that will help enhance every athletes abilities. Kbands allow sport specific training with full range of motion. Each resisted movement will allow wrestlers to continue training in the same fashion their sport requires but with extra muscle activation. Wrestlers will quickly feel the benefits of each training session with Kbands.  





Kbands Packaged With Kbands Training Techniques

Wrestlers of all levels will benefit from Kbands Training wrestling drills. Each drill will challenge the athletes balance, core strength, hip stability, and explosive strength. It is important that athletes train in this fashion. Working on wrestling technique is a must, but if wrestlers do not develop functional strength and core stability they will never be able to reach their full athletic abilities. Be sure to click through the chart and use these drills in your everyday practices. Read through the articles on the pages to be sure that you are completing the drills correctly. Good luck with your training and please contact us if you need any help or additional information.

Wrestlers Looking For Something More

Wrestlers looking for the edge over their competition, Kbands Training offers our Athlete Performance Pack. Our Athlete Performance Pack is bundled to give athletes results fast. In 5 weeks wrestlers will gain leg strength, agility, core strength, and speed. This pack gives athletes the opportunity to train at an upper level at home. Training techniques used by Trevor Theismann are designed to challenge your balance, functional strength, and explosiveness. Yes wrestler should work on wrestling moves and techniques for grappling, but to achieve goals unattainable, athletes must train their bodies to become stronger in every aspect. Our Athlete Performance Pack will give you results.