Wrist Pain from Lifting Weights


Wrist Pain From Lifting Weights

Have you been working your tail off in the weight room only to slowly develop sore wrists? This is a problem many people have and often there isn't a simple solution. Overuse of the wrist in unnatural positions can cause inflammation and pain to occur. There are several small bones in the wrist and with constant compression these bones can become inflamed. This inflammation is what often causes the wrist pain most feel when lifting weights.

Getting Rid of Wrist Pain

There are a couple of things that an active fitness buff can do to get rid of sore wrists. One, is simply going to your local Wal-Mart or fitness store and buying some wrist straps. The compression added to your wrists can help secure the joint. Without having the instability or lack of control, the wrist will begin to heal and be supported at all times. Another way to get rid of wrist pain is to check form and technique when lifting. If you are lifting weights without a straight wrist then you are going to be more susceptible to a wrist injury or inflammation in the joint. The best way to fix this problem is easy. Make sure to look at your wrists and check positioning through each of your exercises.

Straight Wrist


If when doing dumbbell bench press and your wrists are bent backwards, then you are adding additional pressure to the joint which may cause inflammation or soreness. Over time this build-up will develop wrist pain. When completing each exercise, consciously look and think to maintain a straight wrist the best you can through each workout. Whether it be a dumbbell fly, barbell bench press, or rear dealt raise the wrists must stay straight.


Severe Wrist Pain

If your wrist pain is above average, then you must take serious action. The only way to truly heal extremely sore wrists is to rest. Ice sore wrists 2 to 3 times a day with an ice pack and limit any extra movements you might come across. Yes, I said rest. Stay off the weights. No push-ups, pull-ups, or bicep curls. Simply rest. If you continue to work out with sore wrists you will only find yourself sitting on the sidelines for weeks upon weeks if not months. Nip the problem in the butt and give yourself a week off and you will more than likely find yourself free of pain once again.

What To Do in My Week Off

During this week of rest it would be a good idea to work your legs or cut some fat with full body movements. Complete body squats, walking lunges, and step up's to improve balance and leg strength. You can even look to work your core by doing crunches, sit-ups, and oblique side raises. This week off will not affect your upper body growth. Often times one week of rest is more beneficial than one would think. Muscles need time to heal in order to grow. So a little time off won't hurt you whatsoever.

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