Workout Intensity | Fat Burn


Workout Intensity | Fat Burn

When beginning a workout program like Kbands Burn, it is important to understand how to maximize your fat burn. This is all generated by workout intensity and diet. Here we are going to focus on workout intensity. To optimize the amount of fat you burn it is important to think of your body as a fire. When building a fire, you have to put more logs on the fire to make the fire grow. This fire will then burn hotter and longer. In terms of your body, the person must think of their metabolism in the same way. When working out, a person can work out at a higher intensity, in a sense, to throw more logs on the fire. Your body will begin looking for more calories to burn during and after your workouts.


How do I know If I'm Working Out Hard Enough for Max Fat Burn

Often times people think they are working out at 100% intensity when in all reality they are not pushing their body to the max. The key to knowing when you are working out at 100% intensity is all a feel. Each person must work for depth during every exercise. What this means, is working for full range of motion while still keeping a quick pace. Let's take the squat for example. Working out at 100% intensity means that a person can move through full range of motion while still maintaining a quick pace to increase the heart rate. It is very simple to squat down a little into the knees and head back up. To truly workout at 100% intensity though, a person must squat down to the parallel position while kicking their hips back. This will cause each person to move through full range of motion and fire more muscle fibers throughout their lower half. This intensity and depth will cause each muscle fired to burn more calories. This is the true goal of a great workout program, burning more calories. To see maximal results in fat burn and to increase your fitness level burning calories is the name of the game.

Tips and Tricks to Burn More Calories

As mentioned above, one of the best tips to burn more fat is to move through full range of motion in every exercise. Completing small half reps will not allow the muscle to stretch out and fire from end-to-end. Full range of motion exercises will cause the body to work harder and stay mobile. Another great tip is to be conscious of the large muscle groups throughout the body. The more you can fire a large muscle group the more calories you will burn every single workout. Large muscles require more energy to continue to move than smaller muscles. In light of this, Kbands Burn, targets all the bodies major muscle groups in every workout. This is the easiest way to maximize fat burn during every high intensity workout. Let's move back to the squat for example. A true squat requires one to kick their hips back and keep their knees behind their toes. This allows the hips and butt to take on the load of the squat. If you let the knees roll forward past the toes the load of the body stays in the knees. This will cause pain and not truly fire the large muscle groups of the body. A squat with good form will fire the hamstrings, lower back, quads, hips, and of course the butt. These are all the major muscle groups throughout the lower half. When they're all fired properly the body will burn more calories than if someone was squatting with improper form.

The last great tip to help maximize fat burn in a high intensity workout program is to sit in the muscle during the exercise. What this means is to move through full range of motion without locking the joints at the end of the exercise. So once again, let's look at the squat. As you squat you reach the parallel position, and then you head back towards the top. When you get to the top you may stand all the way up and lock the knees. This isn't a bad thing, but it is very hard to keep a quick pace when locking out the joints. The best way to maintain a fast pace is move through full range of motion during the depth portion of the exercise and then cut the rep short on the lockout. What this means, is when you've squatted and you're all the way up, instead of locking the knees, simply head down for the depth portion of the squat again. This will enable the body to keep a fast pace while continuously firing the large muscle groups through the lower half. In high intensity workout programs like Kbands Burn this is the secret behind max fat burn.