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Take the Workout Challenge

Welcome back to the video blog! Today we’ll be taking on a full body workout challenge, an intense set of exercises designed to blast all the major muscle groups, including our arms, chest, back, and legs. We’ll base this workout challenge on three simple exercises repeated as many times as possible within a session of five minutes. Give these workout challenge exercises everything you have and see how many cycles you can complete during that time frame.

A workout challenge like this one will bring different results for different people. Determine how many cycles you can complete the first time around, then use that number as a workout challenge reference point. Over time, you’ll build strength and endurance and your number will ideally increase.

Workout Challenge Equipment

For today’s workout challenge exercises, we’ll need the KB-Duo (fasten the bands securely to a point above your head), and the short resistance band. I’m also wearing the leg Kbands in the video, which you can add if you want to make the workout challenge a little harder. Make sure you’re warmed up and have plenty of floor space.

Ready? Let the full body workout challenge begin!




Workout Reps Workout Sets

KB-Duo Modified Row


5 min

Military Press

10 5 min
5 min


Workout Challenge Exercises: Legs, Back and Arms

For the first of the three exercises in our workout challenge, hold the handles of the KB Duo in front of you and lean back. Pull your body into an upright position using a rowing motion. Each time you row, lift a knee on alternating sides of your body. Keep your knees high and wide as you lift. Don’t let your knees drift toward your centerline, and don’t let your arms creep up or away from your body—keep them low and tight. Repeat this move 20 times.

Workout Challenge Exercises: Military Press

For the next round of the workout challenge, grab the resistance band for some military presses. Stand with your feet on the band and push the handles above your head. Extend your arms fully to get the most out of these exercises. Repeat this move 10 times.

Workout Challenge Exercises: Push Ups

Now drop the resistance band and hit the floor for ten simple push-ups. This last move rounds out the workout challenge by targeting the abs and upper body.

So there you have it: a full body workout challenge in three simple exercises. How many times can you repeat the cycle (20 rows, 10 military presses and 10 push-ups) in a five minute period? Grab your stopwatch and find out.

While you speed through the workout challenge, keep track of how many reps you’re completing and be careful not to compromise your technique. Also: remember to breathe! Keep taking deep breaths throughout each one of the exercises.

When you’re finished with the workout challenge, leave a comment below and tell us how many cycles you completed in five minutes. (If you can get through more than four and a half, you beat my record!)

Ready, set, go!


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