Why Am I Drowsy All the Time


By: Greg Pryor

Why Am I Drowsy All the Time

If you have a lot of drowsiness in your day, are not able to perform your job with the energy levels and the focus you desire or if you are not able to take care of your children as well as you would like to because you just don't have enough energy then our products can help. A lot of people get drowsy because they don't sleep well, but most people get drowsy because after they eat their blood sugar levels go up. This causes a lot of the blood in your brain to move throughout your body, leaving your brain with less nutrients. With our products, when you use them properly, you won't experience lows in the day like most people do. Everyone using our products is very excited about their energy levels. 

What is My Best Course of Action to Help with Being Less Sleepy

If you are feeling sleepy throughout the day it is time to take action. The best start to a day should not be a cup of coffee or an energy drink that brings you up only to bring you down. Use our combination products Lift and Mind to get your day started the healthy way. Simply mix them together with water or juice before your shower, brush your teeth or do anything for that matter and within 30 min. you'll begin to feel the effects. With your newfound energy levels, you will no longer have to stop at the gas station or convenience store to spend three dollars on a coffee or energy drink. You're going to feel better when you get to work and have a better day.


Benefits of Taking Lift and Mind

Taking Lift and Mind together can give you a double positive effect. They are totally different products. The Mind was created so that it would give you the nutrients necessary for your brain to make acetylcholine. This helps with your thought processes, memory, emotion and the ability to listen and remember. This is very important, especially when you are in a meeting and you need to understand what other people are saying and be able to respond to them. The continuous interactions of thought processes to understand and respond accurately is a struggle with the lack of nutrition. Mind can be a great source to help you concentrate.

Lift provides the body with nutrients it needs to create noradrenaline. Noradrenaline is the brains version of adrenaline. By increasing the body's noradrenaline levels, the body can transmit signals throughout the muscles and nerves much easier. What this means is it will give you that bright eyed bushy tail feeling. Lift can optimize the body's ability to communicate with itself which gives you a feeling of more energy. So if you need energy and help concentrating, the combination of increasing neurotransmitter activity with Mind, and increasing noradrenaline levels with Lift will help you focus and energize your day.

Need Energy: A Closer Look at Caffeine and Lift

Caffeine is like a spark plug in the brain which causes the release of noradrenaline. It's not the caffeine that people feel in their brain, its is the stored noradrenaline that is released. The problem with taking straight caffeine or highly caffeinated beverages is that it causes the release of stored noradrenaline, but does not give your body the nutrients it needs to make more noradrenaline. The scientist behind Life Priorities product's is Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw. When they created Lift, they took this concept in to consideration. By using a small dose of caffeine, your body when taking Lift will release the noradrenaline. The caffeine is also combined with other nutrients that help your body produce more noradrenaline.  Lift will not lose its effects throughout the day but if you drink an energy drink or a cup of coffee they will begin to have less effect throughout the day.  This is because the bodies' noradrenaline levels become very low. When supplementing Lift, your body's noradrenaline levels will always be replenished by the other nutrients put into the formulation. So if you need energy for more than just 30 or 40 minutes, Lift is a great way for you to feel wide awake and energetic throughout the entire day. Lift works with your body's nutrient levels, and in doing so, will optimize your body's abilities to function properly day in and day out.

When Should I Take Them

You can take both products when you feel like you need them. It's not like a multivitamin that is scheduled throughout the day. It's more about how you feel. If you're fatigued and tired in the morning, simply mix the two together and get your day going. If you get tired in the afternoons, this is a great time for another glass. Your energy levels, as well as your concentration levels, revolve around your nutrient levels. It's important to realize that optimal nutrition will make your body function correctly. There's no need to use supplements that simply hide the problem. Use Lift and Mind to maximize your body's nutrition levels and live the way you want to live.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Always make sure to check the labels and consult a healthcare professional. 

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