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Benefits of Suspension Workouts | Body Weight Exercises

Suspension Workouts is a popular exercise concept that dates back to the 1800’s in its current form, and is based on ideas that may have existed for thousands of years. Experts have even found what appears to be a rope-based conditioning system used by inhabitants of the Andes Mountains, which may have worked in a way that parallels most modern Suspension Workouts equipment.

When we use the term “Suspension Workouts equipment”, we’re referring to a form of body weight support anchored to a sturdy point above an athlete’s head and consisting of a system of ropes or straps. As we developed the KB Duo, we took all forms of existing Suspension Workouts research and equipment into account and created a set of adjustable straps that can be carried and connected almost anywhere. The KB Duo provides a quick and easy form of intense exercise that can happen in an area the size of a living room or even smaller. With our KB Duo Suspension Workouts system, you can take your workout outdoors, complete an entire exercise routine in a small apartment, and even take your full body workout with you as you travel. If your gym doesn’t offer Suspension Workouts resources, you can just bring your workout equipment with you and attach your KB Duo to any stable pole, bar, or squat rack.

But before you commit to Suspension Workouts and make the KB Duo (or any Suspension Workouts equipment) part of your regular exercise routine, consider some of the reasons why Suspension Workouts may or may not be right for you.


Suspension Workouts Benefits: Core Stability and Limb Strength

The “core” refers to a set of four muscle groups that form a cylinder surrounding the organs of our lower torso. The abs muscles, including the rectus abdominus and the obliques, form the front and sides of this cylinder. The multifidus muscles strengthen our lower back and provide our lumbar vertebrae with stability and support. The core also includes a ceiling, formed the diaphragm muscle that allows us to draw air into our lungs, and a floor, formed by a sling shaped muscle that connects the front and back of our pelvic area.

These core muscle groups offer a few specific benefits to our overall strength and stability. First, they provide a level of constant tension (when they’re in shape) that holds the spine in balance and in place. When the core muscles are well conditioned, the spine stays aligned all the time, even as we sleep. Proper alignment and posture contribute to better circulation, better nervous system health, and more effective results as we exercise any other muscle group.

When we work out and exercise the core on a regular basis, we provide a strong and stable base for every movement in every other part of the body. So any exercise or workout routine that targets the core area actually supports strength and athletic development in the arms, legs, hips, shoulders, chest and upper back.

Suspension Workouts equipment like the KB Duo requires attention to body position, so every time we keep our body line straight while, for example, lifting our weight with our arms, we’re concentrating tension in the core and compounding the benefits of one exercise into many. The more an exercise or workout routine targets the core, the more every muscle group stands to reap the benefits.

Suspension Workouts: Balance and Coordination

As we exercise and subject our large muscle groups to intense workout routines, our limbs gain strength, tone, and sometimes mass, depending on our approach. Our core muscles also develop, and while this happens we build endurance, stability, and six pack abs.

But if we exercise using our own sense of balance or our own body weight to generate resistance, additional changes are also taking place. The reduced structure of this type of exercise allows us to develop the subtle supporting groups of smaller muscles that are sometimes called the “rails”. These muscles, and this kind of workout, can also cultivate the nerve impulses and reflexes that contribute to balance and coordination.

If you’ve ever walked along a straight line painted on the floor, and then walked along a balance beam suspended in the air, you understand how the same essential set of movements can challenge the body in very different ways. The second exercise is far more complex and engages the limbs and core on entirely different levels than the first. The same principle applies to Suspension Workouts. It’s one thing to perform a simple exercise like a push up. But we turn a push up into a far more complex workout when our arms are suspended from straps like those of the KB Duo. With the added challenge of Suspension Workouts, the body must stay in balance and under control while completing the same basic move.

This doesn’t mean the move is more difficult or requires greater technical expertise, since most of the muscles that contribute to control and balance are involuntary. But by the end of a Suspension Workouts workout, our bodies have unconsciously been pushed to many places that a simple floor exercise just can’t take us.

Suspension Workouts: The Beauty and Efficiency of Body Weight Exercise

Body weight exercise routines and body weight workout plans have a lean, efficient elegance that other workouts lack. When our own body offers our primary from of resistance, we take the gym everywhere we go. And our personal gym is customized to exactly our specifications. Body weight exercises, since they’re perfectly adapted to our own bodies, can be safer, less expensive, more portable and more fun than sitting under a huge barbell on a sweaty weight bench at a public gym.

But Suspension Workouts and body weight exercise moves may not be perfect for everyone. If your strength-to-weight ratio is high, ie, if your body is small and comparatively strong, you may not get the workout you need out of a simple push up or sit up. You’ll be working against your own weight, but this may not be enough to create a challenge. (This happens with many gymnasts and women athletes).

Suspension Workouts equipment should be able to accommodate this by allowing you to easily adjust the straps to increase tension. The KB Duo can be customized in a wide variety of ways that let you maximize the value of your body weight reps. If you decide to make Suspension Workouts part of your workout routine, make sure you choose a set of equipment that makes this possible.

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