Weight Loss

Cut Evening Carbs to Sculpt Your Abs

Six pack abs don’t always come about as a result of exercise alone. Approach your goal of six pack abs from several directions, including exercise, fat loss, and stress management.  

The HCG Diet Plan: Is It the Right Plan for You

The HCG diet plan is a widely discussed weight loss option based on calorie reduction combined with injections of human chorionic gonadotropin, or HCG. The HCG weight loss method may be right for you, but HCG for weight loss may also involve some serious and potentially harmful side effects.  


Losing Fat Can Be As Simple As Reading Nutrition Labels

Nutrition Labels do not lie.  To lose fat it takes learning how to take control of food consumption and reading nutrition labels allows a person to monitor fat, sugar, calories, carbohydrates, and fiber.  If the content does not fit into your healthy eating lifestyle then put it back on the shelf.  


How Many Calories Should You Eat to Lose Weight Fast?

Losing weight can be easy if you know exactly how many calories you should eat. After you learn how many calories you should eat, losing weight is just a matter of finding the right program that works for you.


Simple Tips to Lose Weight

Whether you are trying to lose weight to improve general health or look and feel better. Making lifestyle changes is critical to being successful.  Reading Nutrition Labels, watching condiments and sticking to a real grocery list are simple ways to lose weight.  Learn more here!


The How’s, What’s and Why’s of eating Protein

This article provides insight into how much protein a person should consume per day and how protein portions impact weight loss.  A lot of progress has been made in recent years on the concepts of eating protein vs. carbs to maintain weight or lose weight.  


Habits:  Replace The Bad With Good…..

Remove the temptation of falling back into a bad habit by replacing it with something good.  Many people eat because they are bored.  Learn to occupy your time with things other than food or replace eating bad food with the good habit of eating healthy foods.  


Food Is Power So Power Up – Workout Benefits From Eating 

A lot of people think that eating less is best, but the truth is a great workout is much more beneficial when a person eats the right foods at the right times.  Read more….


Less Stress Never Felt So Good – Use Food To Improve Your Mood

Are you having a hard time sleeping and are the daily pressures of life weighing you down?  There are ways to balance stress through a healthy diet and by exercising.  Read on!


Burn Fat To The Max

Burning fat and taking your workout to the max is not as difficult as people make it out to be.  Read about great tips and tricks for firing those muscles during every workout and burning those undesirable calories.   


Attention College Freshmen - Avoid the Freshmen 15

Most young adults are excited to go away to college and want to look there.  The problem is that when they arrive they are presented with a smorgasbord of high fat, high calorie, high carb foods that put on the pounds…….


Carbs – Cut it Out

Losing those extra pounds may be a matter of reducing carb eating.  Carbs are high in calorie and have a tendency to put on the pounds.  Replace those carbs with healthy food items that give the body energy instead of weighing it down.  


Overeat And Still Lose Weight

It’s hard to lose weight during the holiday season.  Food is everywhere.  Living healthy to lose weight doesn’t have to be miserable.   There are ways to maintain weight loss and make up for the consumption of those extra calories.  


Eat Healthy and Have Fun Exercising - Build a Lifestyle You Enjoy 

Is your diet and exercise program lacking taste and excitement?  Nobody wants to eat gross food and participate in a boring exercise routine.  Find ways to build a healthy and fun lifestyle that you enjoy.   Read on….


Sculpt Your Ab’s By Cutting Evening Carbs

Are you looking for a nutritional way to shed those extra pounds and build the six pack?  The craze of reducing carbs to lose weight works.  Cutting carbs after lunch leaves a lot of hours until carbs are eaten again.  Learn more.


Think Exercise – You’re In For A Surprise

Exercise not only helps the body feel better and look better but it also reduces the chances of many health issues.


Tone To The Bone

Kbands Resistance training is a great way to build muscle and tone up those loose ends.  Time to get physical….


Those Weekend Drinks Add Up – Say No to One More Round

A night out, a few drinks, seems harmless doesn’t it?  Those empty calories add up fast and a week of healthy eating can be blown in a short period of time.  


The Great Abs Attack

Find the Abs workout that is right for you.  Love those handles away and change that fat pack to a six pack.   Learn how here!


Lose Weight the Right Way

It is important to learn the process of losing weight so “Starting on Monday” is not a weekly event.  


Restaurants are Your Worst Nightmare

When it comes to losing weight and restaurant eating only the wise survive.  Might as well call eating out “ Fatty Fat, Tub of Lard”.


Cheating Never Tasted So Good

Be the master without disaster by rewarding yourself with something tasty and enjoyable for conquering those healthy eating and exercise goals and feel good about cheating.  


The Holidays Don’t Have To Be Heavy

During the holidays there seems to be food everywhere.  Trying to eat healthy and prevent holiday weight gain seems impossible.   It doesn’t have to be as difficult as people make it.  Continue Reading….


Ready, Set, Reach those Goals

You want to lose weight?  How do you plan to get there?  Set yourself up for success by setting goals.  Reaching a goal creates motivation and self satisfaction.  Learn how to set goals to lose weight…. 


A Plate Full Out Weighs a Fist Full 

Let’s face it, portion size matters when a person is trying to lose or maintain weight.  Learn how to recognize a serving size at first glance and make a difference in the number of daily calories eaten.   


How Many Calories and Meals Per Day Will Help Keep The Doctor Away?

Boost the metabolism, curb hunger pains, eliminate binge eating and press on towards that “healthy” body weight by eating 5 calorie portioned meals per day.   


Burn Baby Burn – Calories Don’t Disappear On Their Own

It is no secret that it is much faster to eat a cheeseburger than to exercise in order to burn the calories it contains.   Learn how to follow a recipe for success to burn calories and lose weight.   


Tone and Firm from Head to Toe 

Why not exercise the entire body at one time and have fun doing it?  Find out how by using Kbands resistance training.  


Low Carb Appeal – Low Carb Recipes That Taste Good

Feel satisfied and enjoy eating a low carb diet that doesn’t taste like cardboard.  Learn to make low carb meals that taste good and make you hungry for more.    

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