Vertical Jump Workout Challenge


The Vertical Jump Workout Challenge: Box Jumps and Barrier Hops

Welcome to the workout blog! I’m Trevor Theismann, and today I’ll be taking you through a vertical jump workout challenge, a set of moves designed to build endurance and target the muscles of the legs and torso.

Today’s vertical jump workout will involve box jumps and a barrier hop. If you’d like, you can add the leg Kbands to increase resistance, the way I do in the video. A few words about equipment before we begin:

For the box jumps portion of the vertical jump workout, use a box designed for this purpose if you can (most gyms have them available). If you improvise a box or use another object, make sure your box is stable and properly sized. The vertical jump workout will also require a barrier or bench which can be made out of almost anything.

As for the Kbands, use them if you’re strong enough to control your knees during the jump and landing with the bands in place. Your knees should be able to press outward, working against the bands to provide you with a wide, stable base. If you have trouble with this, start without the bands and add them later as your strength and skills improve.

Once your equipment is set up and ready, the vertical jump workout can begin.




Workout Reps Workout Sets

Box Jumps

8-10 Jumps

Barrier Hops

15 sec



Vertical Jump Workout: Box Jumps

For proper technique during box jumps, stand a few inches away from the box, bend your knees, and swing your arms for leverage and balance. Then just jump onto the box. As soon as you’re stable, jump back off again. Land lightly by bending your knees on the decent. You can also just step back onto the floor. Complete eight to ten box jumps in quick succession.

Vertical Jump Workout: Barrier Hops

The next step of the vertical jump workout will involve the barrier. Like box jumps, barrier hops are a great way to build strength and endurance, and they’re more effective if they’re done at a fast, steady pace. So maintain as much speed as you can while staying under control.

This part of the vertical jump workout is simple: jump over the barrier, turn around, and jump back. As you land, don’t lock your knees. Keep them loose. Again, if the Kbands provide too much resistance, take them off for now. Repeat this part of the vertical jump workout as many times as you can in 15 seconds.

If you move through the vertical jump workout the way I do in the video (turning with one hop before jumps back over the barrier), you may get dizzy. Slow down a little if you have to.

So there you have it: a quick, simple vertical jump workout that will blast your legs, your lungs, and the muscles of your torso and lower back. Repeat this set of vertical jump workout moves three or four times total.

Tell us about your progress and leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Enjoy the workout!


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