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Reactive Stretch Cord Vertical FX




If you are looking to build explosive jump height then Vertical FX is for you. By utilizing resisted plyometric drills, with the Reactive Stretch Cord, we will enhance muscle activation and power. The Reactive Stretch Cord allows us the ability to train anywhere, providing more or less resistance for all levels of athletes. By enhancing your body's natural stretch reflex through resisted vertical jumps and powerful bounds you will quickly see the difference in your vertical leap. Work through the training video and workout breakdown below for a complete list of reps and sets. A variety of techniques are included to maximize your results every training session. 

Vertical FX can be combined with your strength training or other speed and agility programs. However, it is essential that you always complete vertical training drills before weight training. You must jump with 100% intensity and focus throughout every drill to maximize your gains. Less than max effort jumps will not improve your vertical. Focus and intensity is key to your success when training to improve your vertical jump height. (Complete the Reactive Stretch Cord Vertical FX Training Program 3 times a week)




  Vertical FX Single Leg Tuck Jump  

Single Leg Tuck Jump

4 - 6 Sets

6 Jumps Per Set

Quick Off The Ground 

  Vertical FX Tuck Jumps  

Vertical Tuck Jump

4 - 6 Sets

6 Jumps Per Set

Quick Off The Ground


  Vertical FX Broad Jumps  

Vertical Broad Jump

4 - 6 Sets Resisted 

4 - 6 Sets Assisted

Max Effort 


  Vertical FX Lateral Bounding  

Lateral Bounding

6 - 8 Agility Cones

2 X 2 Catch Sets

2 X 2 Speed Sets


  Vertical FX Lateral Shuffle  

Reaction Shuffle

Left Anchor

Right Anchor

2 - 3 Sets Each



  Vertical FX Rest Periods  

Rest Periods

1 - 2 Min Between Sets 

3 - 4 Min Between Drills





Vertical FX is a high impact training program. To ensure safety be sure to complete a dynamic warm up. Focus on dynamically stretching the entire body. The upper body is just as important as the lower half when completing vertical leap training. Limit static stretching before Vertical FX. Also, Vertical FX Anchors will play a major role setting the workout intensity. Anchors should keep the resistance at a level so the athletes can maintain controlled explosive jumps leaving no hesitations after landing. To maximize jump height it is essential that each athlete explode off the ground as soon as possible. 

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