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Upper Body Resistance Bands | Upper Body Strength

The upper body is in control of each person’s ability to do everyday activities such as lifting, pulling, reaching and pushing. It is vitally important to have a strong upper body because it improves range of motion, flexibility and mobility. As a person progresses through life the upper body must stay strong in order to prevent injuries and to sustain an active quality of life. There are many benefits in building and sustaining a strong upper body which include posture and a healthy appearance. The more important benefits are the ability to perform everyday tasks and stay involved in sporting activities that will help strengthen the upper body muscles that endure major stress every day. Working out with Upper Body Bands is a great way to get in shape by doing biceps workouts, triceps workouts, exercises for the chest, and shoulder exercises.


Most Bicep workouts are a pulling type of motion that involves curling the hands towards the shoulders. Start by placing the middle of the upper body bands around the feet while gripping one of the resistance bands handles with each hand. Make sure wrists and palms are facing upwards. Curl the handles upward with the elbows close to the body while maintaining the tension on the biceps muscle. Keep the elbows next to the body and curl the wrists towards the shoulders. Continue to lower and rise in a repeated motion. There is also hammer curls and wide grip concentration curls that are variations of the bicep curls. Durning the hammer curl the hands are facing one another. This motion is great for sculpting the bicep near the ends of the muscle at the base of the elbow. Wide grip concentration curls are great for increasing the arms peak, near the middle of the bicep. Biceps are best trained with short rest with 12-15 reps. Make sure to continue squeezing the biceps throughout the entire bicep workout.


TRICEPS WORKOUT: Tricep Extension

Upper Body Kbands are a great way to build stronger, tighter and shapely triceps muscles. Using upper body resistance bands allows the back of the upper arm to be developed to build upper body strength. Wrap the middle of the upper body bands around the lower back and place each hand in one of the handles of the upper body bands and place the elbows approximately at 90 degrees with each forearm parallel to the ground or floor. Take turns pressing each arm out as in a punching motion. Continue alternating arms while keeping the tension on the triceps muscle. This is shown in a couple different ways in this upper body bands video. Another great exercise is to wrap the strap around a poll while holding both of the handles in each hand. Next, lower the chest parallel to the ground with the head facing the poll. Lift the elbows even with the torso with each arm bent to 90 degrees. As the arm contracts and relaxes the triceps will begin feeling the burn.


One of the best exercises for the pectoral muscles is the resisted fly. Place the strap around a poll and face the opposite direction. Walk away from the wall until the tension is ideal. Keep the arms straight perpendicular to the floor. As the arms begin coming forward concentrate on the chest muscles to increase muscle stimulation. The arms travel from a straight wide position to a straight forward arm position. Completing this exercise as a superset with bench press can help stimulate chest muscle growth fast.

The bench press is similar to this exercise but in a laying down position where the arms are bent to the side and the arms press from the bent position to the straight position while squeezing the chest. The bench press exercise can be performed with the upper body bands while lying on a bench. It also works great by attaching the upper body bands to an object behind the body with tension between the body and the object. 


SHOULDER EXERCISES: Front, Lateral and Back Raises

For Front Raises, stand in the middle of the upper body bands and hold a handle in each hand with arms at your side and palms facing the ground. Raise the arms to shoulder height and slower lower them back to your side then repeat the motion. The Lateral Raises work in a similar way. The palms face the ground and the arms are repeatedly raised to shoulder height and slowly let back down. Each shoulder exercise should be done under control. Shoulders are fragile in a way. Exercising shoulders with improper form or in a jerky motion can lead to nagging injuries. Always stay under control when using the Upper Body Kbands. A general rule of thumb is to always decelerate the resistance bands with a 3 second count to the relaxed position. This controlled deceleration will ensure the weight is not to heavy and that the shoulder muscles have time to adjust to the change indirection. Stay safe and work hard for a great looking upper body.

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