Tricep Burn Out Workout


Tricep Workout: Building Big Arms at Home

Welcome back to the workout blog! In today’s session we’ll target the upper arms in an intense tricep workout. We’ll be making use of the burn out method, which means we’ll be working to failure in order to maximize mass and shape in the upper arm area.

For today’s tricep workout, we’ll rely on the KB Duo and the Upper Body KB PowerBands. Make sure you have room to maneuver and your KB Duo is fastened securely to a point above your head.

Ready to burn out those arms? Let’s get started.




Workout Reps Workout Sets

KB-Duo Tricep Extention

15 sec

Resisted Punches




Your Tricep Workout: Using Body Weight to Reach the Burn Out Point

Holding the handles of the KB Duo, lean forward with both arms in front of you, push-up style. The lower you angle your body toward the ground, the more resistance you’ll feel and the faster you’ll burn out and reach the failure point.

With your body weight pressed into the handles, lower yourself toward the floor and raise yourself back up again. Feel the burn out sensation in your triceps? Don’t let your forehead drop lower than your hands, and feel free to spread your hands apart to make the lift a little harder.

Ideally, this tricep workout move will bring total burn out within 15 seconds. The full move should include three burn out sets, or 3 failure sets of 15 seconds each.

Tricep Workout Moves: The Resistance Band 

For this next tricep workout move, wrap the resistance band around your back and under your arms, like I do in the video. Hold the handles vertical to the floor and keep a neutral grip. Push both arms forward in quick pulses. Repeat these punches with both arms for 20 seconds, then cross your punches in front of your body for 20 more seconds. You’ll burn out your triceps faster by extending your arms fully with each rep. 

If you truly burn out on this move, which you should, you’ll need about 20 seconds to recover. Whenever you’re ready, go back to the KB Duo and repeat these tricep workout moves from the top.

If you’re not feeling total burn out during each stage of this tricep workout, check these areas:

  1. Is the resistance band sliding across your back? Use your arms to keep it in place. You’ll feel more burn out and get more from the triceps workout if you keep the band stable.
  2. While you use the KB Duo, is your body position too upright? Don’t just stand up. Lean forward into the bands to maximize the burn out in your arms.
  3. At the end of each set, are you reaching burn out or just stopping? These triceps workout moves will create hypertrophy and build mass faster if you blast your triceps to the failure point. Burn out fully before you complete each tricep workout move.
  4. Are you resting too long between each move? Instead of resting, try stretching. Stretching and shorter pauses between tricep workout moves will help you burn out harder and build muscle volume faster.


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