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How Does The Body Burn Fat With Metabolic Training | Metabolic Weight Loss

To have success losing weight, individuals must be as rigorous with their workouts, as they are with their eating habits. Using a variety of training methods will help keep the body healthy, and put it in the best position to maximize weight loss.

Body Weight Exercises and Suspension Training: Add Dimension to Your Workout

Suspension training can lend a new level of complexity to your workout routine, since these kinds of exercise moves build coordination and balance as well as strength and tone.

How to Prevent an Injured Shoulder | Therapy for Shoulder Muscles

The shoulder muscles of the rotator cuff allow a full range of shoulder rotation, but these muscles can become easily damaged. Prevent an injured shoulder with strengthening exercises and stretches.

Women's Strength Training for Different Stages of Life

Resistance training and strength training for women can provide a host of benefits from improved athletic performance to better cardiovascular health, but your strength training regimen may vary based on your age and circumstances. 

Fat Burning and Resistance Training for Women

To build a resistance training and fat burning program of exercises for women, keep these considerations in mind. Effective resistance training for women requires patience, a balance between cardio and strength training, and healthy nutrition

How Stretching Will Improve Your Strength and Performance

Stretching the muscles on a regular basis can provide a long list of health benefits, but stretching a muscle right before a period of athletic activity may actually reduce the strength of that muscle temporarily. Dynamic stretching exercises following a brief warm up period may bring better results.

Keys to a Well Rounded Core | It Isn't All About the Ab Workouts

Many people think core training is based solely on ab workouts.  In reality there are many muscles that make up the “pillar” of our bodies, or core.  Great core workout exercises focus on all of these muscle groups.

Back Pain Relief through Core Strength | Get Rid of Back Pain

Build core strength with a powerful core workout and you may be able to prevent back pain or manage existing pain in the nerves, muscles, and ligaments. A great exercise for back pain can help the core muscles contract automatically, which can protect the spine from impact and injury. 

Heart Rate and Workout Goals | What's Right For You

Our heart rate can help us determine what’s taking place in our bodies at different levels of activity. In the fat burning zone, our heart rate is lower and our cells burn oxygen and use primarily fat for fuel. At the more intense cardio zone, cells use less oxygen and draw more energy from carbohydrates. 

What's Causing Your Shoulder Pain

Sports related shoulder injuries are common, but if shoulder injuries are treated properly and quickly, they can have a minimal impact on training and performance. Don’t ignore persistent shoulder pain, and follow through on any treatment or therapy prescribed for an injured shoulder.

Recognize and Treat Common Sports Injuries

Treating sports injuries properly can reduce healing time and keep your training goals on track. Pay attention to basic injury prevention and learn a few simple treatments for common sports injuries. Remember that dealing with an injury also means knowing when to reach out for help.

Aerobic Exercises | Increase Your Endurance

Aerobic exercise refers to any sustained activity that keeps the heart rate elevated, but below 80% of the maximum.  Aerobic exercise can support cardiovascular health, endurance, and overall fitness, but aerobic activity should be combined with anaerobic exercise for a fully balanced athletic training routine.

Why Use Anaerobic Workouts

Anaerobic exercise takes place when our heart rate rises above 80 percent of its maximum speed. As we move from aerobic to anaerobic activity, our metabolic pathways shift and our muscles no longer require oxygen to burn fuel. This intense level of activity can have powerful training benefits. 

Drop Sets | The Secret To Muscle Growth

Want to trade flab for tough muscle? One potent technique, typically called drop sets, is a way to expand the potential of your workout if you're looking to build muscle.

Build BIG Triceps With Drops Sets 

Your triceps make up for more than two-thirds of your arms. So if you're looking to change those puny arms into beefy guns, tricep workouts are definitely essential exercises to meet that goal.

MY BACK HURTS | Get Rid of Back Pain

A bad back or a sore back can usually be treated with a few days of attention and self-care. But if your first thought every morning is “My back hurts…again”, you may need to alter your workout routine and gain better control over sources of daily stress.   

HUGE Gains With Interval Training

Strengthen your heart and build endurance with intervals! Interval Training can help you stay motivated while pushing your body to higher levels of intensity. 

Six Pack Abs MYTHS

Effective ab workouts can build core strength, improve posture, and contribute to overall health. And well-defined six pack abs look great on everyone! 

Who Needs Weights | Body Weight Exercises Work

A body weight exercise is any exercise that relies on an athlete’s own body weight to create resistance. Consider these tips as you develop your body weight workout plan. 

Big Time Biceps

Great bicep workouts begin with a realistic goals and a clear plan. Bicep exercise routines can focus on increased strength, larger mass, or both.

How Often Should I Workout?

Do you feel like you’re working your butt off in the gym but when you get on the scale it doesn’t show?  This may because you are defeating your exercise purpose with your food choices.  Find out more…. 

The Science Behind Kbands

Are you looking for convenience, a way to save time, an easy way to get your heart rate up, and help burning fat to lose weight?  Look no farther!  Kbands are a great solution. 

Your Athlete’s Knees are Screaming - Fix It - Train With Kbands 

Athletes endure excessive wear and tear on the knees.  Training with Kbands is great for sport specific drills, helps prevent injury, and trains the core muscles that athletes use over and over again.  

What Worked Throughout History Still Works Today – Creatine for Muscle Building

Think about it.  Historically baseball players didn’t use steroids to become better athletes – they used creatine.  Build those muscles with what works the healthy way.  

Refuel or Breakdown – Post Workout Nutrition

Just like a car needs to refuel after a long trip the body needs to refuel on healthy food after a workout.  Replenish the nutrients the body needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to be ready for the next workout.   

Supplement Your Sports Training

A lot of athletes have times when their muscles become stiff and sore.  Muscle Memory is a great supplement to take before training.  Read more about “Muscle Memory” 

Prepare Before You Workout – Pre Workout Nutrition

Learn how to determine what to eat and when to eat before working out to provide your body more energy.


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