Modified Workout On The Perfect Pushup - Alleviate Wrist Pain

Modified Workout On The Perfect Pushup - Alleviate Wrist Pain

24th Apr 2019

Are you someone who reps out hundreds of push-ups a week? If so, mixing in some staggered push-ups will be a great addition to your workout. Notice in the video that her hands are staggered when moving through full range of motion. This specific exercise can help target the tricep of the lower arm, and more shoulder and peck in the upper arm. Keep in mind, you never should place your high arm above shoulder height. Maintain the fundamentals of a push-up, but simply drop one arm down closer to your rib cage.

Do I Have To Use The Perfect Push-Up

In the video you will notice the perfect push-up being used. We utilize this in our training often to help alleviate pressure in the wrist. After completing hundreds of push-ups throughout the week, you will find fatigue and where on your wrists. By utilizing the perfect push-up you can help keep your wrists safe and maximize your gains throughout your triceps, shoulders, and chest. If your wrists do not bother you, or you do not complete this type of volume, then feel free to complete this exercise without any use of the perfect push-up.

Do Push-Ups Really Work?

Over the years we have trained hundreds of athletes. If you’re getting towards the end of your career or trying to build a foundation of strength and size, the push-up is the best exercise to develop your chest, shoulders, and core. During the push-up you can maintain a safe and controlled movement flexing your core while engaging your arms. Completing hundreds of reps on the bench press can often lead to shoulder injuries. During the push-up we can control our movements and find different ways to enhance the amount of resistance as you get stronger.

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