Leg Workout - Shuffles Through Resistance

Leg Workout - Shuffles Through Resistance

Published by Trevor Theismann on 20th Oct 2021

Utilize Kbands and reactive stretch cord to shuffle out 10 feet. Move through the resistance of the resistance bands maintaining control. As you move farther out from the wall you will feel more resistance. Intern, as you move closer to the mounted resistance band it will feel easier. Be sure to maintain control throughout the entire motion. Whether being pulled from the right or the left you want to move with control throughout the exercise. You can choose different levels of resistance for your leg bands. I would suggest adding as much as you can handle while maintaining control. The resistance bands will fire your glutes while the reactive stretch cord you will feel throughout your core as it pulls you back towards the mount.

Move in and out for 30 seconds before taking a break. Depending on your cardio you may be able to do this for at least 10 minutes. If not build up to that threshold.

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