Jumping Drill | Ski Jumps That You Can Do Anywhere

Jumping Drill | Ski Jumps That You Can Do Anywhere

11th Apr 2019

The lateral ski jump drill should be used throughout your training sessions during the week. This simple drill can take roughly 5 minutes and will make a big difference in your ability to change direction and jump higher. Set your cones up slightly wider than what you are capable of so that you have a goal during the exercise.

Develop Your Vertical And Enhance Your Speed

As athletes we are always looking to improve our ability. Whether it be by simply increasing are vertical, or running faster during the 40 yard dash, it’s important that we complete proper drills. The lateral ski jump drill is a great way to improve both vertical and lateral strength. When using Kbands you will activate more muscle groups throughout the stability phase of the exercise. Every time you land your required to fire your glutes and stabilize your body. When you explode back to the other side you will then have to push the resistance once again enhancing activation. Complete 15 to 20 seconds back-and-forth before taking a break. You can also combine resisted sets followed by unresisted sets. Try 4-6 resisted rounds followed by 2 unresisted sets. These will leave your legs feeling fatigued and ready to move on.

Notice in the video the athlete utilizes his arms. Make sure that you keep a great center of balance as you land and throw your hands from side to side to initiate the first movement. Focusing only on your legs will diminish your results. Your arm action initiates the chain of events that will help make you more explosive.

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