How I Use Resistance Bands At Home To Stay In Shape - Men’s Workouts

How I Use Resistance Bands At Home To Stay In Shape - Men’s Workouts

Published by Trevor Theismann on 26th Mar 2021

I have been training for over 20 years now. It has been in different formats. My earlier years were training towards athletic performance as I was a college athlete, and since have moved on to staying in shape as an ex-athlete. 

I use resistance bands daily in my training. There are all sorts of different kinds but each can be effective in their own way.The  Ballistic Bands are thick, durable 41 inch resistance loop bands that can be a powerful tool in your training. If you workout at home these can offer a high level of resistance as well as the versatility to do many bodyweight style exercises. There are seven different levels of resistance that you can choose from. Whether you’re looking for a small amount of resistance for a shoulder stability exercise, or you’re looking for power rows with the blue or orange Ballistic Bands.

Next, I utilize Fusion Cables in my training during push or pull days. With seven mounting points you have the ability to stack resistance bands for even the heaviest presses. They are a fabric style sleeve resistance band. They have high-quality handles and allow you to stack as much or as little weight as possible on the handles. In the video I discuss many exercises that I complete weekly. I really don’t think that I would have near as effective workouts training at home without the Fusion Cables.

Tube style resistance bands are also a big part of my workouts. With stackable KB Powerbands you have the ability to complete accessory style workouts very quickly. If you want to follow up a bench press with a super set of tricep extensions you can do that. If you need to add a quick round bicep curls when you’re on the move, tube style resistance bands are probably your best choice.

Last, is my legs. I don’t really perform heavy weight training for my legs anymore, However, I do utilize resistance bands to keep my body functioning properly. I have found that the stronger my hips are, the better my knees feel. I have found that the more flexibility I maintain through proper range of motion allows my lower back not to hurt. So continuing a comprehensive work out from head to toe is very important. I use Kbands for athletic style resistance training. I also use the Flex Fabric Infinity Bands for simple exercises like glute walks or lunges.

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