Tone Your Legs and Backside


Glute Workout: Tone Your Legs and Backside

The area below the waistline can be a challenging place to add tone, firmness and strength, so those having difficulty with this area are not alone. After all, body fat tends to accumulate here faster than in other areas, and as any personal trainer or serious athlete can attest, fat loss can’t be targeted to one area alone. There are two ways to tone and tighten a specific section of the body: Build and strengthen muscle from below by working the muscle groups in that spot, and melt away body fat from above by finding exercises that elevate the heart rate and keep it high.

Fortunately, even though the hips and glutes accumulate fat easily, these large muscle groups respond well to strength training as long as a chosen glute workout or hamstring exercise set provides enough intense resistance. These muscles are very strong—they’re among the strongest in the body—and in order to be effective, a glute workout has to tax these muscles using more than just light weight and endless reps. If the resistance placed on the legs and hip muscles is high, and glute workout sets are demanding and consistent, then the shape of this area can change and tighten quickly.

In the video below, the Kbands trainers demonstrate an effective glute workout, including a powerful hamstring exercise set, that can help tone and shape these muscles while adding strength, lift, and firmness. With the Kbands resistance bands in place, the glute workout becomes more challenging and the hamstring exercise sets will bring even faster results. Those who are looking to tighten and streamline the legs and backside should try this workout at least a few times per week. The entire glute workout will take about ten minutes from beginning to end.



Glute Workout: Fire Hydrants

Before beginning this glute workout set, the Kbands straps will need to be securely fastened around the upper leg, just above the knee. Once the straps are in place, the Kbands resistance band can be clipped to the strap on each leg, with the long band in the front and the shorter band attached in the back.

When the bands are in place, viewers can find a space on the floor and place and center the weight of the body between the palms and the knees. With the body centered and the back flat, one leg should be lifted to the side, as high and wide as possible. The knee should stay bent, but the leg lift should be high enough to concentrate the tension of the exercise in the glutes and upper legs. The lift should be repeated eight times with a full range of motion for each rep. By the time eight reps have been completed, this glute workout should be causing a distinct burn in the hip area.

Each set of Kbands resistance training equipment comes with straps for the legs and two resistnace bands, one red and one green. The red band is more flexible and provides a lower level of tension, so if this hamstring exercise is difficult, the red band will make it easier. If tension isn’t gathering in the hip area after eight reps, users may want to switch to the green band to raise the level of challenge.

Repeat the move eight times on each side before moving onto the next hamstring exercise in this glute workout set.

Glute Workout: Pointers

The next glute workout move is called the pointer, and should begin with no pause or rest period after a full set of fire hydrants. To complete this move, users should stay in the same position with the weight on the knees and palms, and raise the right knee off the floor and extend the right leg backwards. While doing this, the left hand should come off the floor and the left arm should straighten and reach forward.

This move challenges the glute and hamstring area by demanding balance as well as leg extension. The back should stay flat and the heel should be driven toward the far wall. Users should complete eight reps with the right leg and left hand, then switch to the left leg and right hand for eight more.

Glute Workout: Wide Squats

For the next hamstring exercise in this glute workout, users should stand with the feet wide and the toes pointed slightly outward. They should then drop into a deep squat while extending the arms forward for balance. The arms should move back as the knees straighten and the body comes up from the squat.

While completing this hamstring exercise, users should remember to keep the back straight and the knees behind the toes. If the exercise isn’t challenging enough, it should slowed down so the tension can build in the glute and hamstring area. This move, like the others in the glute workout, should be repeated eight times.

Glute Workout: Glute Bridge

The final move in this glute workout set begins with the viewer lying face up on the floor with the knees bent and the feet planted slightly wide. The hands should be kept at the sides with the palms down for balance. With the weight on the feet, the hips should be lifted from the floor and moved toward the ceiling until the torso forms a bridge. Then the hips should be lowered back down slowly. This move should be repeated eight times. The entire glute workout set should involve three to four repetitions of each move.

For more information on the Kbands training equipment and how to gain maximum benefits from a resistance training workout, visit Kbands Explore the site for details about the Kbands, the KB Powerbands, and the suspension training benefits of the KB Duo. In addition to many more video workouts like this one, the site also offers nutritional information, basic stretching and strength training tips, and advice that can help athletes improve their performance across a wide range of sports.


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