Tighten Your Biceps and Triceps


Intense Arm Workout: Tighten Your Biceps and Triceps

Hi, and welcome back to the Flex to Fit blog, a series of weekly workout videos that can help you tone and tighten specific muscle groups while optimizing the use of your Kbands, KB Powerbands, and KB Duo.

I’m Trevor Theismann, and I’m here with Shannon Denton representing KbandsTraining.com. Today we’ll be taking you through a challenging arm workout designed to sculpt and strengthen your upper arm area. If you’re looking for big arms and intense muscle definition, this arm workout can help you get the results you need. While no arm workout (or any site specific workout) can target fat deposits in selected areas, a powerful arm workout balanced with a strong cardio routine can contribute to overall fat reduction and can also tighten up flabby tissue and streamline the triceps.

For this arm workout, you’ll need a set of KB Powerbands adjusted to your level of resistance. Remember that each kit includes four bands, so choose the setting that’s right for you, connect your bands, and let’s get started.




Workout Reps Workout Sets

Bicep Curls



Triceps Extenstion 

12 2


Arm Workout: Straight Bicep Curls

Stand up straight with a handle in each hand and place your feet on the center of the resistance bands, holding them to the floor. Follow Shannon in the video as she bends her arms at the elbow and pulls the handles up toward her shoulders. Notice how she keeps her elbows at her sides, concentrating the force of the arm workout in her biceps. Also notice how she keeps her back and posture straight.

At the height of the stretch, hold the handles still for a count of two full seconds to maximize the resistance and get the most out of this arm workout. Complete 12 reps of this move.


Arm Workout: Tricep Kickbacks

For the next move of the arm workout, step over to the squat rack (on any sturdy anchor point), and wrap the bands around the frame, holding one end in each hand. Lean forward at the waist and create a stable base by planting one foot in front of the other. When you’re in position, hold your arms at your sides and straighten your elbows, stretching the bands and feeling the burn in your triceps.

Keep your back straight as you complete this move, and lean forward until your back is almost parallel with the floor. This will mean your arms are also parallel with the floor when you straighten them, which will mean more concentrated pressure in your triceps. For lean, tight muscles, reduce the level of resistance and increase your reps. For big arms and more bulk, increase your resistance to the highest level.


Arm Workout: Wide Bicep Curl

Now let’s head back to the floor for more bicep curls. But this time, the motion of our arms will be wide and to the side instead of straight up and down in front. Step on the band at the center while holding a handle in each hand, and then bring the handles toward your shoulders with your arms rotated to the sides. Compete 12 reps of this move, as with the other moves in this arm workout.


Arm Workout: More Tricep Extensions

Finally, finish this arm workout with one more round of tricep extensions exactly as in the previous set. With 12 reps on this final round, the entire arm workout should take about five minutes. Remember to breathe through the process as your arms get tired, and rest in between each round for no more than 15 to 30 seconds.

Leave a comment below and share your results! Meanwhile, visit the website for more information about Kbands, or click on the link above to subscribe for more Flex to Fit Workouts. See you next time!


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