The Flex2Fit 100 Rep Challenge: Squats


The FLEX2FIT 100 Rep Challenge: Squats

Hi, and welcome to the Flex2Fit workout blog! I’m Shannon Denton, personal trainer with, and today I’ll be taking you through the latest workout in our weekly series: Squats! Join me as we blast through a superset of leg exercises in this Flex2Fit 100 Rep Challenge.

Before we begin, just a few notes about the Kbands: I’ll be wearing a set of them during this workout. As you can see, I have the bands strapped around my upper legs with the long resistance band attached in front and the short band in back. I recommend Kbands to my clients and those who take my classes since the bands increase pressure and resistance in the hamstrings and quads during leg exercises. With or without added resistance, squats are still powerful leg exercises that can tone and tighten several muscle groups in the legs and core. But a little added pressure can increase the difficulty and bring faster results.

I’ll also be using a bosu for these leg exercises, but if you don’t have one of these at home, feel free to substitute with a low bench or a low sturdy chair. Be safe! We’ll be moving backwards toward the ground in a slight falling motion, so use your judgment as you set up your equipment and surroundings.

 Ready? Let’s get started.




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Leg Exercises: Demonstrating the Squat

A proper squat requires attention to body position. Good technique during this move will not only improve our results, but it can also help us reduce the strain on our knees and protect them from injury. These leg exercises will involve two motions—the squat and the leg lift. Both will need to be executed properly to get the most out of this 100 rep challenge.

Position the bosu, bench, or ottoman just behind you and place your feet shoulder width apart. Raise your arms and bend them at the elbow for balance. Then bend your knees, angle your body at the hip, and move your butt toward the bench. Stay in control as long as you can until you’re almost in a sitting position. When you finally are sitting, don’t stay there and rest. Stand back up, keeping the pressure in your upper legs. Once you’re back in a standing position, raise your right knee off the floor toward your chest, then set it back down and begin the squat again. At each squat, alternate your knee lifts between the left and right side.

Practice the move a few times before we begin the challenge. If you’re completing these leg exercises correctly, you should feel the tension concentrated in your legs, abs, and core. You should also get tired quickly. Squats use the largest muscle groups in the body, so your heart rate should speed up fast. Your breathing rate should also increase and you should break a sweat. If none of these things are happening, try increasing your speed or reexamining your technique.

Leg Exercises: The 100 Rep Challenge

Ready to begin the challenge? Let’s go! Start the timer and see how long it takes you to reach 100 reps of these powerful leg exercises. If you’re doing this workout for the first time, chances are you won’t make it to 100 without one or two short pauses, and that’s a good thing! That means you’re pushing yourself to the limit and doing the move correctly. If you need to pause, shake it out and walk around for a few seconds, but jump back into the squats as quickly as you can. When the going gets tough, focus on your breathing and think about your goals.

My score for this 100 rep squat challenge is 4:15! What’s yours? Post your results in the comment section below, and keep training hard!


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