The 100 Set Workout Challenge: Rows


The 100 Rep Workout Challenge: Rows

Welcome back to the Flex2Fit workout series! I’m Trevor Theismann from and for today’s session, we’ll be wrapping up a killer week of 100 rep workout challenges. If you’re just joining us and you’d like to get caught up, check the Flex2Fit blog archives to find the previous challenges. But you can also jump in right here! Like every other 100 rep workout routine, this challenge will target a key area of the body and show you how to tone, tighten, and strengthen specific muscle groups using the Kbands, KB Powerbands or KB Duo.

For this 100 rep workout routine, we’ll be tackling a set of powerful back exercises, and we’ll be relying on the KB Powerbands. So before we begin, take out your bands and attach the handles with the colored band that provides you with an appropriate level of resistance. You have four bands in your kit and you can attach as many bands as you like, but keep the resistance strong in order to get the most out of these back exercises. Today I’ll be using the red and the green.

Attach the bands to a sturdy anchor point as I’ve attached mine to the squat rack. Make sure the point of attachment isn’t too high or too low. For this rowing workout routine, the point should be exactly even with your chest.

 Ready? Let’s get started.




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100 Rep Rowing Challenge: Arm and Back Exercises

When you’re ready to begin, hold a handle in each hand and step away from the anchor point. Split your feet, setting one well behind the other so you can maintain a stable base. A wide base also supports your posture during these back exercises; if you keep your feet together, it’s easy to develop an inward curve in your lower back which can undermine the success of the workout routine.

Once you’ve got a stable stance, hold the handles in front of you and then pull them toward your sides, bending at the elbow and shoulder. Now extend your arms to relax the bands. Then pull them toward you again. This rowing motion should build a strong pressure in your biceps, back and chest. To get the most out of these back exercises, make sure you keep your chest wide and big as you draw your arms toward your body, and maintain a big chest as you push your arms forward again.

Try a couple of practice pulls to warm up before we begin the 100 rep workout routine. When you’re warmed up, start your watch or clock and see if you can beat me in a race to 100 reps.

100 Rep Workout Routine Keep These Tips in Mind

As you complete each rowing motion, move fast (try to keep up with me!), but don’t let speed compromise your technique. Complete a full range of motion with each move and keep the volume in your chest. When you get tired and feel a strong burn, the burn should be concentrated in your biceps and shoulder blades. Back exercises like these are designed to target the muscles that connect your shoulder blades, upper back, and upper arms. Like almost every workout routine, these movements are anchored in your torso and begin with a strong, stable core.

If you have to stop, take a break for a few seconds to shake your arms out and then jump back in. Keep the pace! If you knock out these back exercises in under one minute and 18 seconds, you’ll beat my record. Leave your final time in the comment section below, and good luck!


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