Targeted Resistance Training for Six Pack Abs


Targeted Resistance Training for Six Pack Abs

When it comes to building strength and shape in the abdominal region, bearing a few simple considerations in mind can generate fast results and keep an effective abs workout on track. First, six pack abs are developed in two directions: As the muscles strengthen, they increase slightly in size and tone. Meanwhile, as long as a typical abs workout keeps the heart rate elevated, the pad of body fat that covers the abdominal muscles begins to melt away. This allows the outline of the muscles and the grid of connective tissue underneath to show through. But this process isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Fat reduction can’t be targeted to specific areas of the body, and the fat that lies over the abdomen tends to be prioritized and maintained until other resources are depleted. Even when the heart rate is elevated during every abs workout, it can take a long time for stubborn stomach fat to disappear.

Second, the shape and definition of the abs are largely defined by genetics, and some people simply have deeper, more visible connective tissue than others. There are also several muscle groups that determine the shape of the core and torso. The rectus abdominus is one of these muscles, but the shape of the torso is also controlled by the hip flexors in the lower abs region and the obliques which cover the lower end of the rib cage on either side. This means that the specific exercises chosen for an abs workout can influence the balance and shape of the body line.



Developing Six Pack Abs

The impact of body fat on abs definition and the influence of balance and genetics on abs development should play a role in how an effective abs workout is structured. First, athletes should factor diet and nutrition into any abs workout plan. Second, abs workouts should be balanced and varied in order to maximize each muscle area in the torso. A simple routine of 100 straightforward crunches a day won’t cause any harm, but it isn’t the fastest and most effective way to sculpt a set of six pack abs, especially if it isn’t supported by a low fat diet of healthy grains, green vegetables and lean protein.

Instead, those who are looking for a fast path to defined six pack abs should pay close attention to their eating habits and find ways to vary their abs workout so it targets the upper abs one day and the lower abs the next. Resistance training can help with this process. In the video below, the Kbands trainers demonstrate how the resistance bands can be used to concentrate the tension of an abs workout in certain areas that are difficult to target and are often neglected by repetitive moves like crunches. Resistance bands also add a level of challenge that body weight alone can’t provide.

Add Resistance for a Powerful Abs Workout

For the first move in this simple but powerful abs workout, the handles of the KB Powerbands should be clipped together with an appropriate combination of the colored resistance bands. Four colored bands with varying levels of resistance are included in each set. Once users customize the level of difficulty to suit their needs, the bands can be attached to a sturdy overhead anchor point like the squat rack in the video.

When the bands are in place, users should place their knees on the floor and hold a handle of the resistance bands in each hand. Keeping the handles tucked to the chest, users should bend at the torso and bring the upper body down towards the floor.

This move targets the lower abs and hip flexors, so the tension should feel strong in these areas. But unlike crunches and sit ups alone, the use of the resistance bands also challenges the small subtle muscle groups that control balance and body line and add definition to a set of six pack abs. Those who are looking for a great abs workout and a defined midsection should complete about 10 to 12 reps of this move in four to six sets. Each set should be divided by a 30 second rest period.


Abs Workout with a Single Resistance Band

The second move in this abs workout makes use of a single resistance band unclipped from the handles of the KB Powerbands. Users should remove the colored band with the right level of tension and then loop that band around a low vertical anchor point like a squat rack or a heavy piece of furniture.

Holding one end of the band in each hand, users should lie in sit up position with enough distance between the body and the anchor point to keep the band tense. Keeping the ends of the band tight at the level of the chest, users should rise up into a crunch and hold that pose for a full count of two seconds. The tension of this abs workout move should be felt in the mid and upper abs. After a two second count, the body should be slowly lowered back to the floor.

This second abs workout move should be completed in 10 to 12 reps with no pauses between each move. Like the previous move, four to six sets of this one with 30 second breaks in between can be part of a complete abs workout that can help users reach their goals and develop a lean set of six pack abs.

More Information about Resistance Training

To find out more about Kbands resistance and suspension training equpiment, including video demonstrations and sample workouts, visit Kbands Explore the site to learn how the bands work and how they add challenge and dimension to an ordinary workout routine. Any effective workout requires a blend of cardio and strength training paired with a healthy lifestyle. The added benefit of targeted resistance can provide a complete body sculpting workout and help both beginners and serious athletes reach their fitness goals.



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