Sports Training Supplements


By: Greg Pryor

Sports Training Supplements 

Muscle memory was created by Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw. Durk, being a very intelligent man with a triple major and triple minor from MIT was a guy that didn't exercise much. When he did though, he wanted to use something that would limit the stiffness and soreness that he got from his workout regimen. So he found out how to eliminate just that. He created Muscle Memory. When taking Muscle Memory 45 minutes before exercise on an empty stomach, the body's ability to produce nitric oxide is increased. When you have a high levels of nitric oxide in your blood it allows more oxygen to move throughout your body in the blood. This process enables your body to work out longer with more intensity, and still be able to recover faster. The next day you won't notice the stiffness and soreness that you normally would acquire when using Muscle Memory. 

What is Arginine and Will It Make Me Recover Faster

Arginine is a nonessential amino acid, and it doesn't make much sense why. It should be an essential one. You can get arginine by eating turkey and other similar foods, but with our product Muscle Memory you will get 6g of arginine per serving. This dosage of arginine enhances the body's ability to form nitric oxide. It is the only amino acid that helps the body create nitric oxide. Arginine can improve cardiovascular functions with the more efficient blood flow system. Arginine is also a big contributor to pituitary gland functions. With the proper levels of arginine, the body's pituitary gland will release optimal growth hormone levels for your body to recover and repair itself from daily stresses.


When Should I Take Muscle  Memory

The best time to take Muscle Memory is right before a workout. Whether the workout is involving weights, climbing a mountain, or raking leaves in the backyard it is a good time to take Muscle Memory. If you really want to get the benefits, consider taking muscle memory just before you go to bed. During your sleep your body is getting ready to repair your body from the daily tasks and stresses that you acquired. About an hour and a half after you go to sleep, growth hormone is released out of your pituitary gland to help repair your muscles. Muscle memory taken right before bedtime can enhance your pituitary gland's ability to release growth hormone which will help your body recover during your sleep. 

Will Muscle Memory Help Everyone Recover Faster 

Make sure you read the label when you take Muscle Memory. It's not meant for use by children. It should be safe for any adults to take. There are many companies that sell arginine formulations to help with cardiovascular functions, but our high quality standard of arginine and the amount per serving will give your help your body optimize arginine's affects. Muscle Memory's affects can be felt by an array of people. Whether you're an active athlete, housewife, or someone with a demanding job Muscle Memory can help your body recover.

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