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Soccer Training

Soccer is the most popular sport throughout the world. It is played in more countries than any other sport. There are tons of coaches and athletes looking to compete at a higher level and Kbands Training has the tool needed to give these coaches and athletes what they need. Over the years Kbands have been used to develop the leg strength, hip stability, and footwork needed to excel.

Kbands Give Soccer Player's Leg Strength 

The most competitive soccer players have powerful quads, glutes, and hamstrings which help them accelerate down the field. Some are gifted athletes and some have trained hard to get the powerful legs necessary to compete at a high level. Kbands offer resistance with every stride making soccer players faster and more powerful runners. No longer do soccer players need to complete endless reps of squats to get results. Kbands will increase muscle recruitment with every movement. Why practice without them, when you can maximize your training with them? Take a look at our latest Kbands Performance Soccer Camp.

The Key to Speed is Stride Length and Stride Rate

Resistance running has been used for many years to increase athlete's stride length. It has been accomplished by a number of ways such as: parachutes, partner resistance bands, and even weighted sleds. Kbands are the next step to each of these methods. No longer do you need partners, or the inconvenience of extra equipment or weights. Kbands are simple and effective. Soccer players can put Kbands in their bag and increase their stride length with effective use. Complete agility drills, sprint work, and ball handling drills all with the bands on and find your legs getting stronger with every session.

Increase Footwork and Ball Handling While Using Kbands

Remember Kbands aren't just used in linear motions. Kbands are strapped around each leg for comfort. Soccer players are not limited to running straight ahead to get the resistance they are looking for. Kbands can be used during ball handling and foot work drills. By adding resistance to everyday soccer drills, soccer players will find themselves developing the core running muscles used for balance. To change direction effectively, ball handlers must have a strong core and great center of balance. Kbands target the glutes, hips, and with linear motion fire the quads and hamstrings. Without strong glutes and hips soccer players will find themselves falling behind other athletes. Excel past the competition and get the edge with Kbands Resistance.

Soccer Coaches and Athletes Looking for Training

If you're a soccer coach or athlete and need a little direction on how to use Kbands, start with our athlete training program, the Athlete Performance Pack. Our Athlete Performance Pack will save you some money if you don't already have a set of Kbands. Overall this program uses college/pro level speed development training. It targets every major contributor to speed; core, agility, and sprint work. Please feel free to contact us with any question.


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