Shoulder Exercises

KB PowerBands Lateral Raise

The lateral shoulder raise is designed to help increase shoulder definition and build strength in the shoulder and upper arm area. Stand on the center of the KB Powerbands with both feet and hold a handle in each hand. Expand your chest by rolling your shoulders back. Keeping your elbows straight, lift both arms to your sides side until they’re parallel with the ground. Then lower the KB Powerbands slowly over a count of three full seconds. Use proper technique and build shoulder definition safely by lifting only to the height of your shoulders. Form a T shape with your arms, then let the handles return to your sides.




KB PowerBands Overhead External Rotation

As we build strength and mass in our muscle groups, our joints and ligaments stay the same size, so delicate areas like the knees and rotator cuffs can actually become more vulnerable as we get stronger. The external rotator exercise increases shoulder safety by precisely targeting the small muscles of the rotator cuff. Loop the KB Powerbands around a stable anchor point and slide one handle through the other. Hold the free handle and step beck until the band is tight. Raise your wrist and elbow until they’re on the same plane with your shoulder. Bend your elbow at a 90 degree angle. Then rotate your shoulder, raising the handle. Let the handle come forward again over a count of three seconds. To maintain shoulder safety, keep your wrist straight and don’t allow your back or shoulder to hyperextend.



KB PowerBands Shoulder Press

Stand with both feet holding down the KB Powerbands at the center. To complete the military press properly, hold a handle in each hand and raise your arms to shoulder level with your elbows at a 90 degree angle. Make sure the KB Powerbands are coming up behind you and lying against your back. Now straighten at the elbow and push the handles above your head toward the ceiling. Don’t let your arms move behind or in front of your ears. And as with all moves that occur above your head, take it easy and complete the military press slowly. Focus on technique, not speed. Count three full seconds each time you bring your arms down to the starting position.



KB PowerBands External Rotation

The KB Powerbands external rotation exercise can help protect shoulder safety and build strength in the rotator cuff. Loop the KB Powerbands around a pole and pass one handle through the other. Holding the free handle, step away from the pole until the band is tight. Now tuck a towel (or your free hand) between your upper arm and your torso. This will keep your shoulder in proper position as you complete the move. As you hold your upper arm against your body, bend your elbow at a 90 degree angle. With your upper arm stable and your elbow bent, rotate at the shoulder, extending the resistance band and swinging your forearm like a gate. Then rotate back and relax the band. Complete this move slowly to maximize shoulder safety. Don’t pull your shoulder back behind you. Just keep it in place and rotate at the joint.



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