Shoulder Exercise Set for Women


Shoulder Exercise Set for Women

Women who are looking for defined shoulders can turn to free weights, machines, and body weight shoulder exercises, but each of these come with a few limitations. Free weights don’t necessary tax all the elements of the shoulder in a balanced way, and machines don’t offer much in terms of a multi-dimensional workout. In both cases, shoulder exercises that don’t demand balance and coordination can bring slower results and can leave some of the subtle muscle groups of the shoulder behind. Shoulder exercises that depend on body weight are a better alternative, but as strength increases and body weight diminishes, these shoulder exercises don’t offer much in terms of tension.

Targeted resistance training, more than any of these other options, can provide a well-rounded set of shoulder exercise moves that can add curves, dimension, and defined lines to the shoulder area. For many women, workouts are more appealing when they provide rounded lines at the top of the shoulder and a deep groove at the outer point, just below the rotator cuff. And as with any other area of the body, firmness and tone are always a welcome result of any workout plan.

With those goals in mind, Trevor and Grace use the video below to demonstrate how the KB Powerbands can help women with workouts targeting the shoulder. Shoulder exercise moves like these can be completed almost anywhere, with just an anchor point for the bands and some floor space. This entire set of shoulder exercise moves shouldn’t take more than about ten minutes, three to four times per week.



Women: Workouts for the Shoulders

Users should begin by finding a vertical anchor point like the squat rack in the video and looping the elastic band of the KB Powerbands around the anchor at chest level. The bands should not be positioned too high or too low, since this can alter the muscle groups targeted by the shoulder exercise set. Once the bands are in place, the user can hold a handle in each hand and take one step backward so the bands are tight.

With one foot planted slightly forward for balance and the arms held straight at the elbow, the user should raise the bands to shoulder level and open the arms wide, pulling the handles fully out to either side of the body. This should generate string tension in the front of the shoulder and the muscles of the upper arm.

As the arms come forward and then back out to the sides, the back should stay straight and the chest should stay open and wide. To get the most out of this shoulder exercise, the wrists should also stay rigid and straight instead of flexing inward. The straighter the wrists and back, the more the pressure of the move will stay centered in the shoulder muscles. This move should be completed with a full range of motion and no pauses for twelve reps.

Women Workouts for the Shoulder: Military Press

As Grace moves to the next set of shoulder exercises, she clips an additional resistance band to the handles to add difficulty for the next move. Each set of KB Powerbands resistance training equipment comes with four colored bands that vary in resistance, so users can choose and attach the band that fits their individual needs.

For this next shoulder exercise, the bands are pinned to the floor with one foot while the user holds a handle in each hand, bends at the elbow, and raises the arms over the head. For this shoulder exercise, the palms should face forward and the resistance band should run from the floor up behind the shoulder blades. After the elbows are straightened and the arms are raised, they should be lowered again in a slow and controlled way for maximum results. This upward press motion should be repeated twelve times.

During this move, users may be tempted to adjust the strap so it runs up the front of the body instead of the back, but this isn’t recommended. As long as the strap runs up the back, the shoulders are kept wide and the chest is expanded, which is better for body alignment and usually brings more effective workout results.

Women Workouts for the Shoulder: Lateral Lifts

The next shoulder exercise move is called a lateral lift, and before beginning this move, users should stretch and relax the shoulders and arms for about 30 seconds. Once energy returns to the shoulders, the strap should pinned to the floor again with one foot and one handle should be held in each hand. Once the body is in position, the arms should be lifted out to the sides and then lowered in a controlled way.

During this shoulder exercise move, the elbows should stay straight, but not locked, and the wrists should stay as straight and rigid as possible. The tension of this move should be felt in the top of the shoulder, as well as the upper back and upper arms. This move should be repeated twelve times, like the previous shoulder exercise moves. This entire shoulder exercise set should involve twelve reps of each of these three moves, repeated in four to six cycles. Between each set, users should stretch the shoulder muscles by gently shaking them and pulling the arm across the body.

Shoulder Exercise Set: Final Notes

A great shoulder exercise set, like any workout, should be accompanied by a healthy lifestyle, adequate sleep, and balanced nutrition. Turn to the Kbands website for more information about healthy eating habits, protein intake, proper hydration and other lifestyle tips that can keep a successful workout program on track. Meanwhile, explore the benefits of suspension and resistance training with the Kbands, KB Powerbands and KB Duo. Each week, the site offers new videos demonstrating the use of the bands and showing viewers how to optimize their workout results by adding the targeted tension of advanced resistance training equipment.


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