Restaurants are Your Worst Nightmare


Restaurants Can Be Your Worst Nightmare

If you are someone that is looking to shed some pounds, then be careful when you go out to eat. Restaurant food is loaded with preservatives and terrible for you. The industry is not worried about your health but rather in making a dollar. Simple everyday foods you could make for yourself at home is loaded with extra fatty calories that make it near impossible to maintain a healthy body weight consuming. This is good and bad news for people like you and me. 


The good news is that we recieve good service and food that is normally pretty tasty.  The bad news is that the food you are eating is so far from natural, that it can't help but pack on the pounds.  Let me give you an example about Applebee's.  One of the healthiest things on the menu, most would think, is a salad.  Did you know a chicken Caesar salad has close to 820 calories, and over a thousand grams of sodium.  For you women out there, that is close to half of what you should eat for the entire day and it's just an appetizer. Move on to the main course of a bacon cheeseburger and you have yourself another 940 calories. OUCH!!!! Then eat the fries that come with it and add another 400 calories.  This comes out to a grand total of 2160 calories.  For someone trying to lose weight......better luck next week!!! Restaurant food tastes good but no matter what you order you must realize these foods are not natural. The restaurant industry has purchased foods high in preservatives to make sure their product does not go bad before they sell it.  It's a business. That's how they make money.

Food for thought:  If you were to make a lean hamburger at home, here is the calorie intake you are looking at.  93/7 lean ground beef, 1/4# burger 140 cals, bun 180 cals, low fat cheese 25 calories, grand total of 245 calories. 

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