Plyo Push-ups


An Explosive Plyo Push-Up Workout

Hi everyone, and welcome back the to the Flex2Fit workout blog! I’m Trevor Theismann from Kbands and during today’s session I’ll be taking you through an explosive superset designed to target your upper body. This arm and chest workout will help tone and tighten the muscles of your shoulders, pecs, and triceps.

Many athletes--especially those working in cardio and agility-focused sports-- tend to devote plenty of attention to the core and lower body. And this is great, since leg and core work can be very important for overall strength and performance. But in the rush to strengthen and tighten the muscles that contribute to propulsion and agility, we often neglect the upper body. With this explosive chest workout, that neglect ends today.

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Workout Reps Workout Sets

Plyo Push-Up

8 reps

Shoulder press

8 reps



Chest Workout: The Plyo Push Up

Let’s get started with a set of dynamic push up exercises. For these intense push up moves, you’ll need some space on the floor and a mat or thin cushion to protect your wrists from impact. I’ll demonstrate the move first and then you can follow along as we complete the entire set.

Drop into push up position and bend at the elbows to lower your body to the floor. Then on the way back up, add enough extra energy to push yourself completely away from the mat. To make the most of this push up exercise, remember: staying slow and in control is sometimes more important than pure energy, but not in this case. Be explosive as you rise up from the floor, the first time and every time. Complete eight to ten reps of these push ups before moving onto the next part of the chest workout.

Chest Workout: Shoulder Press

For the next move in this chest workout, we’ll be taking on a set of shoulder presses with the help of the KB Powerbands. Hand a handle of the bands in each hand and press the center of the band to the floor with one of your feet. Don’t place two feet on the band to hold it down—If you keep your feet together like this, you’ll be more likely to hyperextend your spine as you complete the chest workout move. With just one foot on the band, your body is more stable and your back stays better aligned.

Now raise your arms into the air, drawing the band up your back and across your shoulder blades. Make sure you keep your arms aligned properly so the band doesn’t rub against your skin.

Compete eight reps of the shoulder press during each set. When you finish one set of plyo push up moves and one set of shoulder presses, take an extended rest. This means rest for at least a full minute. Shake your arms out and stretch your arms and chest if you’d like. Don’t rush back into the next set of this chest workout, since the benefits of a workout like this come from explosivity, and when we’re tired, our explosive energy is somewhat compromised. If you feel slow at the lower end of the push up, that probably means you’re jumping back into the workout too soon. Give the rest a few more seconds.

When you’re ready, jump back into the plyo push ups. Even if you feel strong as you come off the floor, keep each set to eight reps. Don’t overdo it and try to push to ten or twelve reps or more, since your energy won’t be quite what it should be. Short, explosive sets are the goal, for both the push-up and shoulder press portions of this chest workout.


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