Multivitamins Can Improve Your Quality of Life


Multivitamins Can Improve Your Quality of Life

The Lifeguard One-Per-Meal Multivitamin is one of the best products Life Priority offers. The reason is, because of the people who created it. Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw have created this multivitamin for their own personal use. They suggest that people use it after each meal. The need for this is simple. Our bodies need nutrients 24 hours a day. Most people think that they just need a multiple after their breakfast in the morning. The problem with this is, sometimes your body is depleted of its nutrients it needs because of daily stresses or exercise. When this occurs you need more nutrients in your body to combat these stresses. By using the Lifeguard One-Per-Meal Multivitamin you will be giving your body a fighting chance against your daily stresses. Our multivitamin has much higher quantities of nutrients per serving than you'll find in most supplements on the market. Even the most widely sold multivitamin is in a tablet form, which is much harder for your body to absorb. Our Lifeguard multivitamin is in a capsule form which is easily digestible. The quantities of nutrients in Lifeguard will give your body the proper nutrient levels it needs. 


Is There a Problem with My One-A-Day 

The biggest problem with the One-A-Day multivitamin, is that they are in capsule form, and they pass right through you, which won't give you much benefit. Most of the ingredients in the One-A-Day multivitamin are extremely low. Most people buy a multivitamin that say 100% of your daily value and think that is all they need. That sometimes is very low. In fact, the FDA approved levels of vitamin C are 120 mg which are well below what an active stressed person needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Do I Need More Vitamins If I'm Active

It's important to remember that a proper diet can and will always take the place of supplementing nutrients. The problem is, that most people's diets do not give the proper amount of nutrients needed to combat daily stresses. That is why our Lifeguard One-Per-Meal Multivitamin will help give each person the optimal levels of nutrients needed. 

Will I feel the Effects of the Lifeguard Multivitamin

People notice the difference when taking the one per meal. There is enough B vitamins in one capsule that if you take it at the right times people notice that they feel better. Optimal nutrition will always lead to a healthier body. Having optimal nutrition will also help develop a healthy immune system. Your immune system is used to help fight off free radicals and other problem causing occurrences in your body. Use our one per meal to ensure a healthy diet. Most people eat a suspect breakfast, a fast lunch, and they overeat at dinner. Not to mention, they normally don't eat the proper foods. So the Lifeguard One-Per-Meal Multivitamin can help give your body the nutrients it's looking for to help fight colds as well as many other illnesses.

Multivitamins can help improve your quality of life and also help you see better results with your workout routine.

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