How to Lose Weight the Right Way


How to lose the weight the right way

It's important that people understand the process of losing weight.  It's really quite simple once you get the system down.  The most important step is to create a lifestyle that you can maintain.  There is no point in crash dieting for two days only to over eat for the next three. Everyone knows the Monday diet never truly begins.  

I have heard time and time again, "I'm going to start my diet Monday."  So you all know the routine. Saturday and Sunday rolls around and now you have permission to eat everything you want because of course the Monday Diet is just around the corner.... The weekend went great, you stuffed yourself with every food you could think that you would miss and now you're satisfied, but here's the kicker. Monday is here and the diet is supposed to begin.  Most people make it a couple of days attempting to eat healthy, while the others just say screw it and keep eating how ever they want. The diet of course did not work and now the "Next Monday Dieter" has now gained weight because they overate for days trying to get ready for a big diet that never begins.  The "Next Monday Diet" might as well be called the Weekend Gainer!!! Now on to the good stuff.  Everyone wants to know how to lose weight so now I am going to tell you. Here are some general rules for everyone interested in shedding some pounds.


Tips for Weight Loss Success

-if it doesn't grow on a tree or come out of the ground don't eat it

-grocery stores are full of pre made bagged food...... leave them there 

-eating out will make you gain weight plain and simple

-cheat meals are ok every now and again

-eat healthy and exercise = lose weight 

-losing weight has a lot more to do with your diet then your exercise 

-eat complex carbs =100% whole wheat anything 

-eat lots of raw fruits and vegetables, cooking your vegetables kills the enzymes inside 

-eat lean meats = egg whites, ground turkey meat (the leaner the better), lean cuts of steak, chicken (grilled not fried), fish 

Following these general rules will get you started. Keep track of the nutrition section at for more articles. 

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