October Week 3 Workouts

October Week 3 Workouts

Published by Trevor Theismann on 19th Oct 2022

The drop and read assisted SPRINT drill is great. All it takes is four cones and your reactive stretch cord. Space out The initial cones about three to four yards apart and then one deeper about 15 yards. To begin the drill, you're going to place just a little bit of tension on the athlete as they backpedal back. Next they will read the anchor from side to side. The anchors will break left or right and then accelerate. the athlete towards them. Athletes need to maintain proper running form and stay under control. If too much assistance is applied, you will cause the athletes to overstride so just enough to help them accelerate through the dig phase.

Gym Fail Reaction

This video takes the dangers of bench press to a whole new level. Be safe out there folks. Have a laugh at his expense. Hopefully he is fine.

Vertical Tuck Jump Drill

Work on your vertical with this tuck jump drill. Stay close to the athlete. The resistance should be applied as close to them as possible without getting in the way.

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