Improving Sports Performance By Preventing Dehydration

Dehydration can negatively influence sports performance, and can even cause serious health problems when combined with intense activity. To improve performance and protect your body from harm, pay close attention to your water intake.


Lose Weight by Avoiding the Wrong Fats | Good and Bad Fats

If you’re trying to lose weight, feel free to cut fat from your diet. But good nutrition requires a certain intake of healthy fats, so before you make significant changes, know the difference between healthy and unhealthy fat categories. 

Fasting and Detoxifying | Is it Right For You? 

Fasting, or abstaining from food, can be used to detoxify the body, clarify the mind, or shed excess body weight. This kind of serious diet restriction may or may not be good idea depending on your goals and your specific plan.   

What Kind of Eater are You | Use Nutrition to Fuel Your Workouts

Choosing nutrition for exercise means selecting the foods that can help you get the most out of your specific workout plan. But good nutrition also means adjusting our eating habits so we control what comes off the store shelves and onto our tables. 

How to Use the Food Pyramid to Your Advantage | What to Eat

The USDA Food Pyramid and the newly updated “My Plate” diagram can help us lean toward the most healthy food choices as we decide what to eat and what to feed our children. 


The Highest Level of Supplements – Your Body Depends On It

You don’t have to compromise on the quality of supplements.  Life Priority has the integrity, expertise and quality products that you are looking for.  Read on….. 


A Daily Calorie Deficit For Weight Loss Will Improve Your Family Food Budget

The amount of calories a person consumes in a day matters when it comes to weight loss.  Cutting calories and increasing activity level will not only cut down on your food bill, but will help you lose those unwanted pounds that are “lying” around.  


Multivitamins Are Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

Be good to your body all day long by taking Life Priority’s “Lifeguard On-Per-Meal Multivitamins” This is a great way to combat those never ending stresses and give yourself the maximum level of nutrients to live a healthy lifestyle.     


Glucosamine To Help Joint Pain - Say What?  

Most people will look at the word glucosamine and think “it probably has something to do with sugar because of the gluco part” but really have no idea what it means.  Read to more to find out how glucosamine can help your joint pain….


Zapped of Energy and Keep Nodding Off?

Do you feel drowsy and drained of energy all the time?  Learn how to replace that morning cup of coffee that will not keep you going with something that will stimulate your mind the healthy way   - “Lift” and “Mind”


Energy and Focusing Made Simple – Life Priority

A lot of people these days seem to have problems staying on task, feel zapped of energy and have trouble remembering things.  The first thing they want to do is turn to a quick energy solution.  There is a healthy energy supplement available.  Find out more… 


Focus Focus Focus – Food For The Head

Staying focused is a difficult thing to do for many people.  They become distracted at the smallest things. All their thoughts and memory seem to get all jumbled up.  Find out the way to get your brain to once again transmit those messages to the rest of your body.   


Increase To Decrease – The Difference Between 50% and 100% Intensity

It’s time to get that blood flowing.  When the muscles are moving slow, so is everything else.  Increasing exercise will decrease other things like blood glucose levels and blood pressure levels.  Your body is worth it.  


Vitamins Make The Body Go Round

Vitamins do not make the body become round, they make the body go round.  Every part of the body needs vitamins to function.  Help your body function at a higher level by giving it multivitamins.

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